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    So I am not new to this forum, but I am not a vet either. Just one of THOSE guys. Recently I have been having an issue with my phone randomly getting a force close error on every single app (system or market). I tried every possible fix that I could find, but nothing worked.

    I decided to go aheady, boot into my xionia recovery, wipe everything to start fresh. I started with a fresh flash of gapps and drew's cm7 stable 002. It booted up fine with no issues and apps are working. But now I have encountered another error...

    When I try to add my Google account back to my phone, it wont let me no matter what approach I take. So I currently have no access to the android market, or any of my contacts. I come you you all with the hopes of receiving some help. I will post screen shots of some of the things happening.
    PS, if nothing works, think its worth bricking via an update and taking it to sprint and getting them to replace my phone?
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    08-24-2011 11:06 PM
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    Boot to recovery, wipe, and reflash the ROM.
    Look in my tutorial at post question/answer 2. Download the file. Also follow the instructions for it. on my phone at this point or I would link it for you. Its the faq.

    EDIT: Also make sure you flash the ROM fresh and don't do a restore. Restore would cause issues...
    08-24-2011 11:37 PM
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    Thank you so very much basket! I managed to get it to work now. I will Rep you once I can get on a computer. Thanks for everything you do for us!

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    08-25-2011 07:37 PM
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    Cool! Good to hear!
    08-25-2011 07:49 PM