1. wb7ry9z's Avatar
    First off, sorry if this is in the wrong forum, please feel free to move it.

    I've been using my rooted LG Optimus V for a while now with no problems, until now. I made the mistake of factory wiping my phone from the privacy menu and now it seems to be rebooting in an infinite loop. It only gets to the LG logo or a black screen.

    I can't:
    • access recovery mode
    • access the phone with adb
    • get a recovery image to load after placing a .img and flash_image in the sdcard root

    I can:
    • access emergency mode

    When plugged in to my computer, the phone seems to connect for a split second, only to disappear as it reboots. I've tried spamming adb commands, but the phone never seems to register itself in time before rebooting again.

    Does anyone have any ideas? I'd really appreciate it.
    12-13-2011 10:23 PM
  2. wb7ry9z's Avatar
    I don't know if this will help but here are the devices that appear for about a second:

    12-13-2011 10:25 PM
  3. aaronrw's Avatar
    Check the stickies there's a thread for it may find help there.
    12-13-2011 10:27 PM
  4. wb7ry9z's Avatar
    Unfortunately, I can't seem to get into any sort of recovery menu. The phone doesn't go there on its own, and holding down the button combo doesn't seem to work either. I haven't been able to find a solution since they all rely on recovery or adb access.
    12-13-2011 10:33 PM
  5. eletendre84's Avatar
    you can access e-mode? theres a thread around here detailing how to unbrick from e-mode. i would assume the commands are the same from the S to the V, just finding the files may be trickier....
    12-14-2011 09:03 AM
  6. jonny5449's Avatar
    follow this link http://forums.androidcentral.com/lg-...-2518-6-a.html the flash the image through your computer and when turning on hold down
    volume down
    wait till lg logo is gone then let go of the buttons. it may take a while then it will have a recovery screen go back to factory settings if you follow these steps it should be pretty easy to unbrick your phone then dont download roms unless your absolutly sure they wont brick your phone i know this from experience
    12-14-2011 08:24 PM
  7. ka5023's Avatar
    The V is different from the S, so trying to follow procedures for the S may not work. In particular the hardbutton for Home and Menu is swapped, and I don't know how the different recoveries handle that.

    -- Starfox
    12-14-2011 10:43 PM