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    I hope I'm not double posting, I did a search but it didn't look like this has been mentioned yet,
    I know it drives me crazy when I can't download an app cuz google says it's not compatible with my phone even though I'd still like to try it (and see for myself) since every single flash app and game technically isn't compatible or is adobe flash player but as we know flash player does work with the right settings and so do quite a few flash games.
    I came across a chrome extension that takes this message away when viewing the market in chrome on your computer. It is called apk downloader. It downloads the app to your desktop on your computer instead of your phone and then you can put it on your phone from your computer.
    It says:
    You'll need the latest version of Chrome with SSL error notifications disabled, then you supply your device ID, email address and password (all stored locally on your computer to grab the Android Market cookie).
    From there you pick the app you want and you'll have the apk file on your computer, allowing you to sideload it onto any of your Android devices! It is a quite a handy little tool, but we'll be interested to see if anything is done to block this circumvention of the device rules. - text by Brian K @ phonearena

    There is an easy step by step guide to follow and the link to the app you need to get your device id.

    APK Downloader
    Chrome 17 or later
    Device ID
    APK Downloader Chrome Extension
    03-16-2012 06:37 PM