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    I am having a lot of trouble understanding exactly what I will need to go through to root my LG optimus S with 2.3.3 and ZVJ. Will I lose all of the data I have on my phone now, and apps and so forth? I understand what I will need to do is revert to ZVD, root from there, and then I can upgrade to ZVJ rooted, yes? I am studying networking, I have worked as support as an isp, albeit 10 years ago, I run a linux server at home to run mumble for games. I just have ZERO background with all of this phone stuff so I don't even know what the terms mean, like radio, stock recovery, etc. If you feel like it, if you have time, if you could just give me the actual steps I need to take, from start as my phone is now, to finish with it rooted with ZVJ, that would be awesome. Feel free to talk like I am an absolute *****, because as I said I have zero background with phone stuff. I just need to get the f^%$#&^%$ing stock apps off my phone so I can install stuff I will actually use. And maybe once I get this done, I can use the knowledge to maybe install a cool ROM or skin or whatever. If it will make me lose all of my data I don't want to do it. However if you can tell me how to back up my data I can do it, so I can save all of my numbers, etc. I can connect my phone to my pc so idk if there is an easy way to just back things up there, or what.
    08-06-2012 07:15 PM
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    Welcome! Thank you for reading and asking before doing something too hastily.

    First off, in the interest of preserving your stuff, I should let you know that ROM-ing your phone will make it like a new phone, usually delivering you to the setup wizard. Besides the obvious contacts, which can be either synced with Google or exported to a .vcf file, what data are you trying to preserve? Depending on what it is, it is usually possible to keep it. Although you will want to reinstall your preferred apps once you get settled.

    I would suggest that you follow the guides to revert to ZVD, install Cannibal Open Touch recovery, make a nandroid backup, then perhaps consider one of the stock-based custom ROMs for your device (Reborn ROM or HydroROM). You can always go back to stock rooted ZVJ if you want.

    Have a look at the welcome guide, if you haven't already. I think that you will find your experience and familiarity with Linux to be quite helpful as you explore the capabilities of your Opti S and Android.
    08-06-2012 10:17 PM
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    First of all, welcome to the community!

    I would encourage you to read through the Welcome Guide if you haven't already. It gives a basic introduction to all this stuff.

    I saw your question in the Rooting guide......and to answer your question: yes. You must already be rooted on a different software version (either ZVD or ZVH) or a custom ROM in order to root stock ZVJ. So in a sentence, you must revert to ZVD before being able to root ZVH.

    To help with some of the terms:

    Stock - this refers to any part of the phone (software, hardware, etc) that is in the same state as it was when the manufacturer and/or carrier (LG/Sprint) shipped the product. This also refers to any original or non-modified software/firmware that was distributed by the product's source or creator (like LG and Sprint) after the initial release (such as an over-the-air firmware update, like the ZVJ update)

    Radio - the partition on the internal flash memory that controls the phone's Radio functions (such as calling, text messaging, and data)

    Recovery - This is also a partition on the internal flash memory. It houses the recovery image, which is used to update firmware or reset the phone to its original factory settings. On custom recoveries, such as Xionia CWMA or Cannibal Open Touch, there are many other features, such as making nandroid backups. *note: only stock recoveries (official sprint recovery images) can flash Radio images*

    i might as well tell you what a nandroid is as well...

    Nandroid backup - a complete backup of the phone, including all relevant partitions EXCEPT radio. This can be used to save a "snapshot" of the phone in its entirety that can be "restored" or "flashed" onto the phone at a later date. These are useful when installing custom or aftermarket software, so that you can always revert your changes in case something goes wrong.


    To answer your other question: Yes, you will lose all the data on the phone when you follow the steps in the rooting guide and revert to ZVD. However, your data on the SD card (such as pictures, music, etc) will not be erased. Also, your contacts will be stored in Google Contacts, as long as you have your account on the phone synced with your Google account (to ensure this is the case, go to settings> accounts & sync and make sure your Contacts are synchronized).

    When you set up your google account again after rooting, it'll even ask you if you want to restore your apps. They won't be restored with all the settings and data, but the apps themselves will be downloaded

    Don't be afraid to ask other questions. I would encourage you to do lots of reading and question-asking so that you feel completely confident before you try to root your phone. That way you'll be less likely to make a mistake that could make things complicated.

    Hope this helps!
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    08-06-2012 10:31 PM
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    While you're reading the welcome guide, make sure to hit the thanks button! Epidenimus did an awesome job writing that thing. Recovery is similar to the bootloader/BIOS of a pc (except the Opti's internal memory is insufficient to dual boot). ROMs are a bit like installing a new distro of linux. Say you start out with ubuntu, and than try going with a new tweaked derivative. The second version is based off of stock (ubuntu, in this case) but will wipe your data and has been modified. To save your text messages, you could link your phone number with google voice, and than you would be able to access your texts from your pc and your optimus via the google voice app, no matter how many ROMs you flashed.
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