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    Im playing around with my rom and aide and java ,init files,scripts,ect,ect
    And iv noticed apk multi tool ,apk manager all are written in java with c binaries even the linux android sdk is heavily dependent on java on android we can compile c code as well as java code into excutable dalvik code
    When I set up and begin running the setup scripts it runs but it errors out with
    Directory file location errors wich is understandable because its not linux its android and im sure theres some missing librarys

    So my question is couldnt i in theory develope a application layer that emulated the linux directory structure only and implement the missing librarys in a rather small app that handles the installation scripts of these apps all executable in dalvik avoiding the need to emulate linux
    And negating the need of an AVD dureing software development right on the android device

    I know about terminal ide and ect but dont like how they are impemented

    Also I want to understand more on why we cant run adb inside a dvm enableing the same usb permissions???

    But mainly I want apkmuti tool to complement aide as it Is small compared terminal ides 100+ mb in internal memory just to fully edit apks+roms

    Im lernding

    Also im sure any kernel cabability that isnt present could be patched
    By I/O handlers during execution kinda like a virtual kernel but only for like three apps

    Or am my like way too medicated????

    Input And ideas needed
    Wanna port apk mutitool to android im thinking
    Aapt.jar as base then reinvent the wheel on everything else useing the .jni extentions or convert totally to java


    I posted here because of the regulars(good development)

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