1. fightu35's Avatar
    Hey guys ok heres what happen LG OPTIMUS V I rooted it everything worked great,I think my brother did a factory reset while rooted,now I cant turn my phone off !! every time it starts back up it goes into the recovery, I see the android recovery screen but I can not chose any options it just resets all and I lose everything ! any help would be great guys
    11-15-2012 10:18 AM
  2. hlxanthus's Avatar
    What recovery are you using?

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    11-15-2012 11:44 AM
  3. epidenimus's Avatar
    Just wipe and restore the last nandroid backup you made.
    11-15-2012 12:27 PM
  4. fightu35's Avatar
    what I mean is when the phone comes back on it starts the recovery phase,but I cant pick no options then it just starts up but its back to factory. nadroid ?
    11-15-2012 12:44 PM
  5. bkttk2's Avatar
    Nandroid aka backup hopefully done before new rom install.

    Is it a constant boot loop? Are you able to select any options in recovery?

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    11-15-2012 06:17 PM
  6. fightu35's Avatar
    nope no options...just restarts and I have no back up, I was playing around with ginger break next thing I knew it was rooted..then my brother did a factory reset...hope u guys can help,thank u very much
    11-15-2012 06:52 PM
  7. bkttk2's Avatar
    Since it sounds like you have an Opt V, try the stickies in the Opt v forum. Here us a link to hopefully help get you started. Good Luck!!

    [GUIDE] Unbrick/Upgrade Optimus V [EASY] [KDZ]

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    11-15-2012 08:53 PM
  8. fightu35's Avatar
    THANK YOU..anyone have any ideas please let me know
    11-15-2012 09:07 PM
  9. adamhos's Avatar
    Sounds like you have the stock recovery still
    You need to get a custom recovery installed
    Im pretty sure there is a guide to use the update from zip option
    Ill look for a link

    When you are in recover the volume buttons move your cursor and camera selects

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    11-19-2012 05:33 PM
  10. adamhos's Avatar
    Actually watch the video and follow the directions
    [GUIDE] Unbrick ANY Soft Bricked Optimus V/Return to ZV5 Stock
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    11-19-2012 05:42 PM

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