1. Shinkenred's Avatar
    Hmm. Okaaaaaaay...that's some strange stuff. The Optimus was acting funny (the Market Agent or whatever's behind sending crash reports to Google would crash itself; Play Store kept giving "Server Error" when it wasn't still having other errors, etc.), so, I made a backup of my *current* setup (CM10, most recent BobZhome build...patch and all) and re-flashed the ROM and G-Apps. Once I rebooted her, the setup I was presented with was actually from an OLD backup...that I had already DELETED!! (how in the Matrix THIS happened is beyond me...) And trying to restore my CURRENT backup did no good, either...it's still on that old setup. So that means I have to hunt down certain things (Dream Heights, which got completely wrecked AGAIN) all over and find some other way to fix Google Play (after "Uninstall Updates" failed, it acts as if the app isn't even there anymore...it keeps saying "App isn't installed") and Google Talk (there's actually an older version shown that won't work instead of the current ICS/JB one). Man...that's bloody bizarre...

    A little help here? I have no idea what would have even CAUSED this. All I did was dirty flash the current (11/03) CM10 (and the smaller 10/11 G-Apps) over itself...just like I did when I first got them. And as a final point of oddity, when I first flashed the current version of the ROM, I had all kinds of problems with the USB mass storage and had to toggle the ADB Debugging option a lot before just giving up and doing it from Recovery (CWM), BUT, with this crazy incident, the USB mass storage works perfectly now. NO idea what happened there, either.
    11-28-2012 04:38 PM
  2. Connervt's Avatar
    Fully wiped everything before reinstall?
    Have stuff on a ext partition? Wiped that as well?
    11-29-2012 10:10 AM
  3. Shinkenred's Avatar
    Fully wiped everything before reinstall?
    Have stuff on a ext partition? Wiped that as well?
    Unless things have changed lately, a full wipe shouldn't even be necessary if you're doing the exact same ROM, which I am.

    As such, it just got crazier: after hunting down the Play Store apk and using App Installer to get it back that way (and then rebooting AGAIN), it oddly went back to the CURRENT setup. USB mass storage is now back to being a fight to get functional (but it WORKS), Dream Heights is wrecked and needs to be downloaded over (AGAIN), even notes that had been inexplicably wiped out in the ColorNote app were all back. Except...the Play Store *STILL* won't work (it'll try to start up, and then it'll crash) and neither will Google Talk (same thing...tries to start up and then crashes instead).
    11-29-2012 04:39 PM
  4. shockdude's Avatar
    i'm guessing that file permissions got wrecked somehow. you're going to have to backup whatever you can, wipe the phone, and reinstall everything from scratch.
    11-30-2012 01:45 PM
  5. Shinkenred's Avatar
    *in my K.A.R.R voice* ...damn. *mode off*

    I had hoped to avoid that. However, if it's the file permissions that were trashed...then I suppose there is little other alternative. I'll try that, then...and I'll edit this post with the results...which hopefully are good ones.

    UPDATE: So far, so good. Currently installing everything all over again. Seems as though that was indeed the problem after all...sucks, but it should ultimately be well worth it to have this thing functioning properly once more.

    Sent from my Purple LG-LS670 running CM10...for now.
    12-04-2012 12:49 PM

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