1. jordan1's Avatar
    i rooted mmy phone with z4root i have all the things making my phone faster and i read everythin in the how to root thread but i dont know what a rom is but ithink u need it to add themes? and idk how to get into recovery mode and what is thunder rom for? it looks like a theme to me can someone help me? sorry for noobness im new to this stuff
    01-18-2011 08:02 PM
  2. mrinehart93's Avatar
    A ROM is the Android OS, packaged up for your phone. That's it. People flash custom ROMs to their phones because the version of Android they contain is modified with various tweaks. If you have flashed a custom recovery image, then with your phone off, hold down (Vol. Down + Home + Power). That key combination will boot the recovery image. Thunder ROM is a custom ROM for our phone.
    01-18-2011 08:19 PM
  3. jordan1's Avatar
    ok thanks so is there anyway i could use this them with the optimus? [Theme][Metamorph] Buuf CM/Dwang/TheOfficial/manup Eclair 01/14/10 - xda-developers
    01-18-2011 08:37 PM
  4. mrinehart93's Avatar
    You could, but you would have to modify it to work with our framework. Once I finish building the AOSP ROM, that shouldn't be that much of a problem.
    01-18-2011 08:54 PM