1. kingdavidbaker's Avatar
    I've searched around and there is a ton of info on porting other people's themes to work on the Optimus S but I can't find much on creating my own theme. I would like to edit the color scheme and such myself. I have a ridiculous amount of time to play with this as I am in tech support and only work a lil bit out of an 8hr day lol.

    Also I would love to find a way to change aspects of a theme on the fly. For instance if i wanted to change the background color of my notification bar I could just open an app, pick a color, and apply the change. I havn't seen anything near this...probably because the theme is applied at startup...but it would be awesome lol.

    Edit - Just noticed there is a similar post under "Optimus S rom kitchen?" but I don't see how to delete this thread so oh well.
    04-13-2011 11:12 AM
  2. og_president's Avatar
    Cm7 has a built in theme changer, that you can change on the fly. However the is not alot of CM7 themes out there.

    I tried the kitten and it did not work

    Swyped from my Gingerbread'ed Optimus S
    04-13-2011 12:21 PM