1. JBu92's Avatar
    So I got AOSPCmod on my optimus S, but I have no sprint apps. Messaging is what I need. to hell w/ the rest of 'em, but I NEED messaging. Anyone have like an apk to use for that? or what do I have to do???
    05-05-2011 09:37 AM
  2. blackops1125's Avatar
    Go to market and use handcent it is better then the stock messenger app.

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    05-05-2011 11:10 AM
  3. mike9670's Avatar
    Google Voice
    05-05-2011 11:14 AM
  4. JBu92's Avatar
    @telemike- I do use GV for most everything, but my family refuses to use my GV number, and you can't send pics/vids/whathaveyou with GV.
    @blackops- A 3rd party messaging app didn't even occur to me... will that work for MMS, like pics n such? EDIT: thanks, that worked.
    05-05-2011 11:19 AM
  5. picasticks's Avatar
    BTW, if there was ever a good reason to drop AOSP for an LG-based ROM, the Sprint/Google Voice integration they announced yesterday is it.

    You can use your regular Sprint number for Google Voice and have all its features.
    05-05-2011 04:53 PM