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    So, got off from work today, did a bit of browsing through Reddit using BaconReader, so nothing out of the ordinary. Got on a bus, got home, pulled phone out, and it was on the LG logo, so it had apparently crashed. Did a battery pull, tried to restart it, still went to the LG logo. Attempted to go in to recovery - blank screen. Attempted to go in to emergency mode - blank screen. Pulled the SD card and tried a normal boot - got to the red LG logo (that's on Zefie's CM7). Reboot and back on white LG logo. Pulled battery for several minutes - still on white LG logo

    Phone is not recognized by computer. If I plug it in, and it starts up, computer will make a device connected noise, quickly followed by a disconnect noise.

    Have read through some of the other guides, but I can't get any response out of it at all

    Any suggestions, or is the phone toast?

    EDIT: Waited a bit then tried starting it again... got to the red LG logo again, then it crashed and hug on the white LG logo.

    SD card contents appear to be fine when using an external card reader, so guessing it was just a coincidence that I removed the SD card the first time it happened.

    EDITEDIT: Might as well close this, ended up having to get an new phone anyways Thinking the heat might have gotten to the old one and messed it up badly (maybe one of the NAND chips came lose or something). New one seems to be working fine and is already rooted/recovered/and is restoring from the latest backup from my old phone. So hopefully things will be back to normal on it D:
    07-10-2011 08:06 PM