1. kylemaguire's Avatar
    I recently got the Optimus S off of Ebay. It didn't come with a battery, so I bought a "receritifed" battery too on Ebay. Everything was working fine, until I kept getting low disk space warnings. So I had Titainium Backup forcfully move all the apps to the SD card. (Yes I was rooted) I still was getting low disk space (because I kept downloading apps) so I decided to wipe it and start over. I went into settings, and clicked the button to restore to factory settings. I waited for it to turn off. Then it rebooted and it was just a black screen, so I left it there for about 5 mins. Then I pulled the battery....So now what can I do to fix it? I did use Titanium Backup to remove CarrierIQ and Sprint ID off the phone, and the stock email app, and that is it...

    Thanks in advance!
    02-26-2012 03:01 PM
  2. epidenimus's Avatar
    Never do a factory reset from the Privacy menu with a custom recovery. This "feature" is disabled in most custom ROMs because it will really bork your device.

    You can try getting into recovery with the key combination and if that works, then wipe and install an appropriate ROM.
    02-26-2012 04:16 PM
  3. kylemaguire's Avatar
    I didn't install a custom recovery. and the key combo doesn't work.
    02-26-2012 04:52 PM
  4. epidenimus's Avatar
    So you rooted, applied mods and removed Android system apps, yet had no custom recovery and no means of restoring if something got hosed... and then you performed an action declared a brick method most everywhere... and now you decide to ask and read? [suppressed gut laugh]

    Uggh... Ok. try the Unbrick for some forms of brick thread.
    02-26-2012 06:31 PM