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    I have some SERIOUS family problems going on right now with my sister (search my posts and you can see where I've mentioned her and my niece)...and we've had a falling out, major argument...

    she hasn't paid me for her share of the Sprint bill since March...and has been carrying my Optimus S phone with her number on it.

    Now, I've gone onto Sprint.com and turned all stuff off, voice -- data -- and text/web...so she can't do anything but receive voicemails (I think..not sure what she can do, I just know I turned it all off)

    I have a VZW version of the Optimus S..whatever the model is, but it's just exactly like the Optimus S except it's a VZW phone.

    My sister-IN-LAW is more than willing to take the line and pay the bill like someone should do when they receive help from someone..but I can't get my phones back from my sister. She has both my Optimus S and my extra phone that I used, the LG Lotus. The Lotus was my "spare" if one of my 3 lines were ever lost/stolen...and she managed to get me to give her both of them a while back, and hasn't returned them. I don't think she WILL EVER return them. SO my question --- can I make the VZW phone --- via rooting and custom rom -- changeover to Sprint???

    The VZW is my own phone too..I do lots of work with a guy who runs a pawn shop and the VZW Optimus was given to me a few months ago, and he said he took the phone in not knowing what he was taking (and only gave the person 10 bucks for it on pawn)..so he wasn't out anything.. He said I could just have it..but I never fooled with it. I actually was going to charge it and give it to my 6-month old daughter to play with, since she loves our Samsung Galaxy S3's and reaches for them ...

    Does anyone know if I can change the VZW optimus to work on my Sprint account so that I don't have to activate my (REALLY OLD) Sanyo Katana???
    10-09-2012 04:56 PM
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    There is a process for this, however, it contains procedures that are illegal in some areas, therefore we don't allow discussion of it here.

    Sent from my LG-VM670 using Tapatalk 2
    10-09-2012 05:00 PM

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