1. Danny Smith5's Avatar
    i have a rooted LS670ZVJ as title says i installed some games from app mainia with the app installer then moved the obb files to /android/obb then tryed to start the game and it crashes soon as i click it, i have tryed rebooting, reinstalling, and clearing catch.

    my pc dont list internal memory in my computer dont know why im running windows 7 64bit
    but i see a android folder in the removable storage when it comes up not sure if thats it or not.

    i have modded google play dont remember where i got it the apk file is called www.droidcity.asia_googleplay423installer.apk
    games i have tryed are

    call of duty black ops zombies
    dead defence
    dead on arrival 2
    future ops online premiume
    slender man ch 1
    sonic 1 (this one crashes when it loads the first lvl)

    EDIT: changed to the google play i found on this site. i cant use root explorer it dont show up in my app installer so i got es file explorer found the files i need for obb but i dont know where to put them when i change to device i dont see a folder called android
    10-18-2013 09:26 PM
  2. Danny Smith5's Avatar
    going to test something else i just figured out will post how it turns out

    Edit: did a factory reset whole phone was being slow. getting ready to install apk files then copy the files to where it says to put the obb folder
    10-19-2013 04:17 PM

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