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    Hey Guys! First of all. I'm glad I have ended up in this forum and stayed here. This device has brought me nothing but pure joy. I'm just wondering what Devs are still lingering here. So if you are, drop by and say hi to the community! For the people who have been here a while, do you still have your S? What ROM are you rocking? Who was your favorite developer? How many have you bricked? (2 for me!) How long have you been here with the S community? What new devices have you had the chance to use? Anything else I miss?

    Previous Username: UnrootedDroidOwner
    Current Phone: Lg MACH(LS860)
    Old phone: Lg Optimus S(LS670) Currently my MC:PE server hoster
    And soon to come is a Nexus 7 2012
    01-11-2014 10:02 PM

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