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    Hey everyone not sure if I could make new thread but I didn't want to take up to much space anywhere else cuz of these major problems 1 thing is I deleted the /system file when in clockwork for some reason I thought that would help my other problem cuz 2 second probblem I had deleted the deskclock.apk and couldn't get the update to finish downloading kept getting error nodeskclock apk error but after flashing clockwork onto the phone I had better results but still still no update I think I totaly fixed that problem lol by wiping the dang phone from its system file can anyone give me a detailed desciption on hot to fix this problem and if I learn how I will help others as well I know somethings about flashing roms and rooting phone its just I don't know how to get the file in need to put on the sdcard with another phone if someone can post it and flash thru clockwork recovery or can I use the program called (odin) I have used that to wipe my old galaxy sif there was problems with that but not sure if that's compatible with this phone and if there is the file I need to pu in odin to factory unbrick this bad boy soooo sorry for this big post I can turn my phone on to really do anything to put the file back and I really need a phone right now thanks in advance for any help and file again just wanted to clearify exactly my problem was
    11-20-2010 05:00 AM
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    well i corrupted my system, data and cache, anf fixed them with clockwork recovery. The problem is you don't have anything to put in them. I did manage to get a working version of my ROM, but I can't post it because KSmithinNY said I can't post it with Swype.

    First you need to make sure you can still boot into recovery. Pull the battery, then press "Volume Down" and "Home", and while holding those press "Power". Let go when the LG Logo appears.

    If you get to recovery, there is hope, even if its LG's recovery.

    Edit: You have a PM.
    11-20-2010 07:09 AM
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    11-20-2010 09:41 AM
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    Would you be able to email it to me cuz I have my girlfriends intercept that I could use to get the file and slap it on the sdcard and try I can get to recovery but everytime I try and use the nan backup I made a zip file with everything and it looks like its going 3 sec later it dosnt load anything but if you could take the swype out and send it to me I might have a chance I already have a swype apk so I don't need it I just need the hacked rom to flash that has all the file let me know and I will give you the email address cuz other then this way I am stumped I don't know how to used the way you said in your thread how to get the recovery file and name it?
    11-20-2010 09:48 AM