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    Ok, my wife just upgraded to an Optimus S a few days ago & we have found that it will not play the gif files in the MMS pic mails....It has 2.2.1 on it...
    My Epic has 2.1 on it & it works great....both bought a few days ago....
    I tried the install process I found on these forums for installing Flash 10.1
    But still no luck

    Can anyone tell me if there is a fix for this (app or new OS for the phone)?
    or is this permanent?

    Sorry if this is a basic question guys but I am new to Droids & trying to figure out if she needs a different model...

    01-05-2011 10:08 PM
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    The Adobe Flash player for Android's web browser is not compatible with our older ARM6 CPU's. Flash requires the newer ARM7 instruction set. As for the gif files not playing it could have something to do with the special licensing that goes into using gifs. Gif is not a free format and as such requires that companies using it in software implementations pay a royalty fee. The Optimus might put a hurting on other entree level devices but it is still one. It heralds a super cheap CPU initially released in early 2009 and a GPU from the Nexus One. For everyone brushing up on your ACT/SATs: If ARM6 = Pentium 4 then ARM7 = Intel Core Solo line of CPUs.

    P.S. Haven't tried animated gifs in Handcent SMS but it might not hurt to give it a shot. Even if Google decided against paying to play in their SMS app doesn't mean other developers haven't implemented it in their SMS client.

    P.S.S Gotta love an open platform!
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    01-05-2011 10:32 PM

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