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    So I made the big leap last night and got my LG Optimus S. I was a bit difficult and still is, I've had my Blackberry Curve 8530. I miss certain things like instant email notifications, led and copy/paste options.

    But overall it's been so much fun, it's brought back the old/new phone feeling again.

    One thing I wanted to say is thanks to the Android Central community for all their informative comments and information. You guys know your stuff and seem to be a real supportive group. You guys rock!

    Now for the dreaded "ask for advise." I was wondering how or where I can get some game emulators, i.e. nes, genesis, etc.. Does it require having to root? I'd prefer not, I'm a super noob at phones. Also I hate the sprint ID thing, is there a way to get like a new theme? Again without rooting.

    Thanks gang!
    03-12-2011 10:43 AM
  2. samurikuma's Avatar
    Get em from the market
    03-12-2011 10:54 AM
  3. samurikuma's Avatar
    And welcome to the Android and Optimus S comunity
    03-12-2011 10:55 AM
  4. debh945's Avatar
    If you download an alternate home launcher (I use Launcher Pro but there are several different ones in the Market), you can change the theme without root.

    I don't know about the emulators, I've never used them.
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    03-12-2011 10:58 AM
  5. samurikuma's Avatar
    I use ADW ant my favorite theme is adw iron man. Try both and then purchase the one you like the best.
    03-12-2011 12:02 PM
  6. sonicbluemustang's Avatar
    Check out Tiger NES emulator seemed to work good I had some roms from coolroms.com
    03-12-2011 01:30 PM
  7. uberjam545's Avatar
    i use ROM gripper you download any game and it'll send you to the android market download page of the emulator you need to play it
    03-12-2011 01:33 PM
  8. ztag100's Avatar
    To change your theme, just go into the android market, and search for launchers, I use "Home Switcher for Froyo" to switch between themes, I also use launcher pro as My default, however I have "Launcher7" which is based of the look of windows Phone, for fun. I also am not a huge fan of the default launcher.
    03-13-2011 12:21 AM
  9. 64fairlane's Avatar
    I use GOLauncher instead of the default SprintID. try it out. I think you will like it.
    03-13-2011 06:28 AM
  10. KSmithInNY's Avatar
    I currently run go launcher ex, go launcher ex notification plugin, go sms, go weather, and am eagerly awaiting go browser when it's released in english. Go makes awesome software, no ads, and everything is free definitely worth a look while your launcher shopping. Also check out the ones mentioned above, adw, launcher pro, launcher 7, and there's probably 20 more for you to try out. Everyone has their favorite, you'll find yours.

    Welcome to android!
    03-13-2011 06:56 AM
  11. saoyandide's Avatar
    Ok I am a total newbie here and like yourself OP I am coming off a crackberry addiction. No you do not need to root to get the emulators to work they work right out the gate Tiger GBA seems to work pretty well so far I haven't tried any other systems out yet.
    03-15-2011 11:10 AM

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