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    Android plebe here...Optimus S is my first "smart" phone, so I am wading into this technology.

    One question that is bugging the heck out of me is how to save things to the sd card. Its practically empty, save for Adobe Reader, while I have tons of data (music primarily) saved to the phone. I would really like to get all those songs to the sd card and free up internal memory, which filled up today costing me a text message. I have no idea whatsoever how to do it, and I am never prompted to save it there when downloading.

    I currently use MP3 Ringtone maker by "Lucky Star", but have used a couple other apps for downloading tunes, and had the same problem with every one of them. Any help would be appreciated.
    04-08-2011 07:36 PM
  2. tirith's Avatar
    I've been using musicjunk, MP3 search and download, and f...something for over a year now, and have had no issues...

    default location for saving music is SD card, I've never had anything but apps save to the internal memory...

    Do you have an SD Card in the slot?

    If yes, go to the SD Card Menu:
    Menu>Settings>SD and Phone Storage...

    it'll tell you SD storage and internal memory...
    (copy them here if you want)
    I know Optimus models have had issues with SD card recognition...

    You can download Astro File Manager (or something similar) and explore your phone, i believe Astro has a move function if they are in fact in your internal memory...
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    04-09-2011 06:49 AM
  3. Haywood#AC's Avatar
    It says 1.84GB total space, 1.40 available on the SD card, (70MB internal). There's about 15MB of apps on the SD, so that must mean my music IS in there? That's about 450M of space. Guess it seems obvious in hindsight. :o

    I guess I need to find a way to conserve my internal space...plenty of room on the card. I was just surprised it filled up.
    04-11-2011 10:25 PM