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    Ok, I know there are TONS of battery forums here, but I have a major concern.. when I first got my phone, of course I used it out of the box, and then shut it off when it got to 10% since I wasn't at home and couldn't charge it.. got home, charged it through computer.. first thing that hit me was long charge times.. didn't really help I was using it either.. I admit, I'm not a light user.. I don't know if Heavy classifies me, but me and my family went to sprint because of the unlimited data package.. I go through 2 gb in half a month.. and even when I'm going light, it's nice to know there's freedom in usage.. getting off topic though.. as it was charging through usb, it actually told me it didn't have enough charge to keep the phone on.. I figured that was from me playing with it, and it shut itself down.. so ok, I kept myself busy for a few hours till it was more green.. after it was fully charged, it was like 1am, so I grabbed it, and figured I'd play a game.. I apparently fell asleep.. to wake up to my phone beeping, that it was overheating sitting under a pillow.. I freaked out, and moved it and thought "dang my sleep apnea!" so anyways.. after that, I've been getting about 3-4 hours of real usage before it starts to redzone.. I'm worried that something may have got damaged , and am questioning, if something was damaged, would it have more than likely have been the phone or the battery.. if it was the phone, could it be fixed.. the battery can be replaced, but the phone, I don't want a refurb.. Also, I read online about people getting 12-16 hours of use with their sets.. I unplugged mine about 3 hours to this post.. I used it with wifi and listened to a podcast, some pandora, and a radio station through iheartradio all with the screen off.. before that I surfed the market for 20 minutes.. I'm at 80% .. should I be worried that I see other people do this and get higher percentages, or am I really a heavy user in denial.. main thing I use my phone for is music..mp3 on average, linked with bluetooth.. I, on average see the battery drain about 6-9% an hour.. and it gets really hot sometimes, like it hit 105 F once according to juiceplotter... my biggest concern is I saw someone who said they had 3 hours unplugged, surfed for an hour, light text, light talk, and their phone was still at 100! I talk and my battery drops 2%.. even with screen off, I left the screen off one night at full charge, woke up 4 hours later, it was at 95% .. is this all normal and I'm overreacting? or did my phone not wanna be around me so it damaged itself?
    04-23-2011 07:05 AM
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    Not sure about overheating being a problem here... Yes, its not good for the battery health, but I've done it.... quite a few times and I do get quite a decent battery length...

    I use Pandora, i<3Radio, mp3, and all that while driving (I drive a lot) and still on average on my HEAVY days get at least ten hours...

    I think it may be more you ARE a heavy user - (Pandora does take quite a bit, even with the screen off)
    04-23-2011 09:26 AM
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    Yeah, sounds pretty normal. Especially listening to streaming radio over bluetooth, (bluetooth sucks juice too).

    Everything else sounds normal, (battery dropping a bit here and there, etc.) If you're worried though check out this thread:


    and click through to my link in the second post of that thread.
    04-23-2011 10:14 AM
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    I've bump charged my phone and went two hours with wifi and only dropped 2 percent. Which would be great, but after I used it for a bit and used my bluetooth, it started dropping down more.its been two other hours since I charged it fully again and its dropped down 30% as idle, I checked spare parts and it said out hasn't slept since I unplugged it!! i figured bump charging was supposed to be good for my battery. Btw thanks to you both also.
    04-24-2011 07:46 PM