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    Is there any way to get the local contacts and calender on my phone? I had noticed that on some other Android Froyo phones, there exists a local contacts database called, "Phone", and a local calendar called, "My Calendar". Check out the screenshots of my friend's epic phone. The top calendar and the top contacts items do not appear to be linked at all to Exchange, google calendar or any other cloud-type service.

    I'd love to have these apps local to my phone only rather than putting the data in google contacts/calendar or something else out there. Palm Treo style, if you will. I have tried adding a local account but the Optimus S won't let me add anything like that. I don't sync with Google but I'd love to totally sever these accounts from my gmail account once and for all.

    I'm not sure that the app versions would have anything to do with this but I did check out the versions of the apps. The phone with the local contacts and calendar have the following application versions:

    Phone with Local Contacts and Calendar Versions
    App name Version
    Contacts 1.0.
    Contacts storage 2.2.1
    Contacts Sync Adapter 2.2.1
    Calendar 1.0
    Calendar Storage 1.1
    Calendar Sync Adapter 2.2.1

    My Optimus has everything listed as version 2.2.1.

    The names of the local contacts and calendar, "Phone" and "My Calendar", makes them very difficult to research. As you can imagine, a google search for "Phone" or even local phone contacts android will bring up a lot of information that is not relevant to what I'm trying to find.

    Really, I'd just love to be able to keep my own contacts in a database that are not associated with a gmail account or any other 3rd party account. As I mentioned earlier, I don't currently sync with gmail/google so this is kind of the case but I really would like to totally sever the contacts and calendar from my gmail account once and for all. Any tips or pointers from some Android gurus would be greatly appreciated.
    05-04-2011 02:15 PM