1. extatic's Avatar
    Im having a larger issue than the one i previously posted..

    Currently a stock rom (Odexed) i was trying to flash a stock rom

    I then flashed (what i thought was an update to cwmod recovery) but turned out to be a stock recovery..

    Currently the phone powers on, gains a slight internet connection, and i can use it BARELY.. I see the SU in the apps list, but i'm not rooted..

    When i try to run the LG ESTEEM ROOT, i get an error message and it doesnt go through. see screen shot

    I am unable to re-root and flash cwm recovery as described in this guide from Rooting Your LG-L55c (LG Optimus Q) - Android Area51 which is how i did it the first time..

    when i type adb devices i see my phone listed, when i type adb shell i get the error.. see screenshot

    I need to know how i can get cwm recovery back on the phone without use of adb if possible.. ive tried using rom manager and it doesnt work, ive tried what google results have said rebooting both pc and phone several times, ive tried adb kill-server and adb start-server several times.. and nothing ive found on the net/google has helped.. ive tried a few 1 click root methods, ive tried using "poot" method, nothing has worked thus far..

    Anyone out there have any ideas on how to get this phone working properly again?

    Phone LG Optimus Q L55C from straight talk
    rom stock odexed
    recovery stock recovery

    Thank you
    09-14-2013 10:13 AM
  2. WildcardAndroid's Avatar
    Bump! I'm having this same problem as well. Been at it all week.
    11-15-2013 05:49 AM

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