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    Please i rooted my phone like 2 days ago and everything went smoothly i used a software called kingo. I had a game that needed an update but it said my phone was low on storage so i started deleted apps and one of the apps i erased was supersu the one you get from the play store then when i try to update my game it started to say connection error. I googled search trying to find a way to fix it but no solution so i factory reset still the playstore didn't work after that hard reset nope didn't work. So i gave up on the playstore i clicked on supersu and it asked to update binary files when i click on normal it said installation failed, i clicked on the other option but still supersu doesn't work i download ota rootkeeper to check if i was rooted. The app showes i was rooted have supersu installed but no root access or su protected so how do i get root access i tried unroot my phone but it won't work then I tried rerooting using the kingo app again. The computer said my device is rooted but my device doesn't have root access.

    One guy said he fixed by redownloading supersu on the playstore but i can't use google play

    My question is...
    1. How to get root access?
    *Or can i unroot my phone completely and reroot it to get root access
    2. Is there a way to fix the playstore without root access
    (I find a way to fix it by putting a "#" sign in front of your ip address on the host file but you need root access which i don't have )
    12-28-2013 03:26 PM
  2. Beth Leiva's Avatar
    If you rooted your phone you should have gained the super user app. You can unroot under settings for that app. I rooted with motochopper on my mac. Not sure how to on a pc.

    Posted via Android Central App
    12-31-2013 12:00 AM

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