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    First time poster, trying to find information on lg warranty or any tech support for the Lg optimus F3 LTE.

    So, this phone is fairly new, i believe it came out within this year. I've been experiencing some problems with it such as it would turn off and on randomly, freeze, and programs would stop working like my calendar, alarm clock, ect. A couple days ago I downloaded a firmware update and other updates and deleted some apps to save space. A couple hours later the phone went black it would not turn on or charge. I've tried different batteries (my sister has the same phone), different chargers, different plug ins (the wall output, my laptop) and nothing works. I tried the factory reset, hold down power button, volume down and home key and nothing happens.

    Sometimes when I hold down the factory reset buttons a green light appears around the home button indicating that it is fully charged, but then disappears afters a few seconds and goes black (this is odd because the battery is dead, but it does the same with a fully charged battery) I've kept it on connected to a wall outlet for 3 days hoping it come back alive with no luck.

    When I plug it in my computer it shows the the device is unrecognized.

    I even tried using a pencil eraser on the battery and were the battery connects to the phone.

    I was wondering if the warranty would cover this phone. Lg said that it covers phones 12 months since purchase with a receipt or 15 months without receipt depending on the date of the phones manufacture. I bought this phone off ebay, thus I do not have the the proof of purchase (i msged the seller if he can send me a photocopy or the receipt or the date the phone was bought but i have not received a reply from him yet). My sister has the receipt for her phone but the MEID number is on the receipt so I doubt that would work.

    I was wondering if there is any thing else that I haven't tried. Also if anyone has any info on LG warranty. I did call LG and they told me to send in the phone, i told them i don't have proof of purchase and they said that a fee may be applied. However, i want to know if they would fix my phone before i send it in and pay shipping costs, due to the warranty issue.

    05-13-2014 04:57 PM

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