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    So I'm kind of at my wits end, and then some. Just this morning I woke up to head to work and found that my phone was not working. I had no signs indicating any problems were sneaking up on me (though my memory on my phone is low, and I had yet to set up the micro sd card that i had purchased).

    My phone's symptoms come down to where i have no screen, my home button flashes red/green, then the two buttons to the left and right light up, and then nothing. I can hear the phone turning on - that is, i hear the jingle that normally accompanies the phone turning on, if i wait a few seconds i can even hear the sound of my lock screen (the sound when i draw the pattern to unlock it). heck, i can even hear what sounds like the audio notification of certain apps needing a notification and/or voice mail. I can feel the warmth from the phone/battery that normally occurs when it is on. I even, in the process of trying to resolve the issue, accidentally dialed 911 (there's an icon on my lock screen). But I can't see a thing. The operator could hear me just fine as well. Still nothing.

    So I've looked around and tried different steps.

    1. As a relative suggested I took out the battery, sim card and micro sd card and waited a good 20 minutes - then put them back in. Nothing.

    2. I left it home and had it charging for a good 6+ hours, and still nothing. When I initially plugged it in the home light was red, i got home later and it was green. Again, nothing.

    3. I swapped batteries with my roommate (he has the same exact brand/model), and nothing different.

    4. I tried accessing it through remote access apps and a usb cord to see if i could find out what was going on, nothing.

    5. I have dropped it in the past, but the last time was around october of last year and there wasnt any indication of problems. The phone itself looks normal - no damage.

    6. I thought maybe if it was that the battery had been killed, it may actually be the charge cable as i have had some problems in the past with charging (though a few months ago). I am waiting to see if there's any change as i plugged it in again but i dont see any difference so far. Still having the same problem.

    The only option I have left is to factory reset/hard reset by holding (i believe) power, home, and volume up but i would rather not do that because while i had a chance to back up my family photos and apps, i had yet to update my contacts.

    Any other suggestions? Did I forget to try anything?

    Appreciate any suggestions.
    05-31-2015 03:13 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! It sounds like the screen has failed, while the rest of the phone is working normally. You'll need to bring it to a repair shop for a screen replacement.
    06-01-2015 03:41 AM

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