1. larrytxeast's Avatar
    I have searched some here, I am looking for something that allows me to charge the BATTERIES from my LG Optimus V independently in a cradle. I did find this on ebay, item #150531614778 (link). It's a Hong Kong-based seller.

    Does anyone else know of a good source? I have plenty of micro-USB phone chargers left-over from cheapie phones that also used that type, but I have a 2nd battery on the way for my LG Optimus V & like to be able as I did before with my Blackberry--have a stand-alone "cradle" charger that will charge the second battery separately from the phone so I can carry a spare with me that I can easily swap quickly in the field if the phone is running out of juice--and then of course I'd be able to recharge the other one on the cradle AS WELL as charging the phone itself with one of the "normal" chargers.

    Does this look okay? Any other sources?

    07-05-2011 01:28 AM