1. reaper420's Avatar
    i have a free gift of a personalized cell phone skin coming to me from a web site, there is no phone from the optimus line of phones in the list of phones to select from. What i trying to find out is there a different type of phone that the case will fit the V
    10-18-2011 02:12 PM
  2. Spiral_ouT#AC's Avatar
    The Optimus S is the only other phone that shares the exact dimensions as the Optimus V. If neither the S or V skin options are available, you're probably not going to get one that fits perfectly.

    If your gift certificate is for SkinIt.com, they have a skin size for the Optimus S.
    10-18-2011 04:11 PM
  3. reaper420's Avatar
    I was afraid that would be the case, i just wanted to check first before i gave the skin offer away. thanks for the info
    10-18-2011 04:34 PM