1. chrisbimmermd's Avatar
    My plastic screen is all scratched up. I would like to replace it.

    If anyone has one, please PM me with a reasonable price. I can get a broken one off ebay for only like $40 to replace the housing and sell it for parts, but I'd prefer to just buy the housing.

    Maybe $20? That sounds fair I think. I just need the housing, not the internals. So that the outside of my phone can look like new again. I am grandfathered into the $25 plan so I will NOT upgrade my phone!!! =D

    UPDATE: It's about 20 minutes later, I had just thought to look for an Optimus S housing on ebay. I found one! Only paid $20 full housing. YAY!!! Finally I will now have new housing! I'll let you guys know if anything changes but for now it looks like I got my wish!
    09-06-2012 08:20 AM