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    Product link: Phantom Skinz |LG Optimus S, cell phone skins, screen protectors, cases, covers, shields, full body protection

    Yes, that's for the Optimus S but the body is the same.

    I have the "Screen Only" kit.


    • Much better feel than the stock screen.
    • Protection.
    • Easy to install.
    • Easy to clean.

    The cover eliminates the stock "sticky" plastic feel.


    • Inteferes with touchscreen.
    • Decreased direct sunlight visibility.
    • Doesn't completely cover the screen.
    • Adds visible texture.

    When I say it interferes with the touchscreen, I'm not sure this is PhantomSkinz' fault; i.e. I don't think it's their material, I think it's our screens. I had PhantomSkinz on my EVO and I loved it. On the Optimus the screen doesn't react as quickly to touch and I often have to repeat swipes.

    As far as not covering the screen completely, this is a minor issue, but there is a 1-2mm gap all the way around.

    The last issue is a bit of a mystery, I did not see this on the EVO: after a day or so the protector developed a visible "texture" that is somewhat like the "orange peel" look you get with ZAGG InvisibleShield. Here is an example of the InvisibleShield look:

    The reason I say this is a mystery is that PhantomSkinz are known for *not* having a texture. Maybe they changed the material? I haven't contacted them yet about this but I plan to.
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    03-28-2011 03:41 PM