1. x_magus_x's Avatar
    I don't know what it is, but recently I've had a second cable cause problems when charging my Optimus V (the only thing I charge with either).

    First cable is a generic microUSB data cable from Monoprice, which only charges about half the time (which I figure is due to the loose microUSB end from abuse), but weirdly enough, when I disconnect it, it shows me the "USB Connected" and "USB Debugging" notifications like three times each before they both disappear from the notification bar.

    Now my official wall charger doesn't seem to work, and I barely use it to begin with (so it doesn't seem to be from wear or anything).

    Anybody else having problems with cables not charging the Optimus V properly or at all?
    06-06-2011 06:08 PM
  2. rockneo's Avatar
    Mine are all fine, maybe you broke your v's charging port?
    06-06-2011 09:45 PM
  3. r00t's Avatar
    Are you running a custom ROM? I bought my extra USB cable and car charger from Monoprice and they both run fine.
    06-09-2011 09:45 PM
  4. x_magus_x's Avatar
    Are you running a custom ROM? I bought my extra USB cable and car charger from Monoprice and they both run fine.
    Yeah, running the latest Bumblebee, with LCD density at 120.

    And my wall charger started working fine the other day.
    06-10-2011 04:16 AM
  5. zires's Avatar
    I bought a micro usb cable from dealextreme that failed after 2 months. I actually thought it was the original from Virgin Mobile so I called them. They sent me a new cable and brick via FedEx for free as it is under warranty.
    06-10-2011 09:25 AM
  6. tmanrawdog's Avatar
    with the v it is said to only use lg chargers or it will ruin your phone!
    07-07-2011 05:02 PM
  7. watskyhotsky's Avatar
    i lost my charger once, bought a walmart replacement that said it was compatible with optimus series (in addition to others)

    worked fine for a few weeks, then I found my stock charger.

    now I see that the new charger takes longer and longer to charge the phone, the stock charger still works normal and charges the phone from dead to full pretty quickly
    07-07-2011 06:11 PM
  8. cizastro's Avatar
    with the v it is said to only use lg chargers or it will ruin your phone!
    Has this been proven true? I've been using an old Moto Droid USB charger (from the computer) to charge my Optimus at work because I haven't gotten an extra charger yet.
    07-21-2011 04:29 PM
  9. blarf's Avatar
    That wouldn't surprise me too much. LG does have some code in the kernel to look for an officially sanctioned cable. I'm about 80% sure it's buggy. Look for the word BUG and a backtrace in your dmesg output. Causes all sorts of interesting USB behaviour.
    07-21-2011 08:25 PM
  10. Kreatur3's Avatar
    with the v it is said to only use lg chargers or it will ruin your phone!
    If you look through the manual on almost every electronic device they all say the same thing...
    07-22-2011 12:58 PM
  11. blarf's Avatar
    If you're using BACKside update to the July 22nd build w/ Kernel #53 and try again before returning your phone. Charging appears to work for everyone involved.
    07-22-2011 02:07 PM
  12. gyanos422's Avatar
    My original cable stopped working on me a few months ago so I used the only micro USB cable I had, from my external hdd. It worked fine till I bought a belkin multi tipped adapter and that worked fine till I broke that one. So I bought a micro USB cable from a store on Amazon. It said it was charging but after 5 hours it was still at the same charge percentage that it started. So I bought one
    specifically for the optimus v and it charges slow and didn't fully charge my phone overnight. I had to plug in the cord from the external hard drive for it to fully charge before I had to leave for work in an hour. Why does a western digital hard drive cable work but the other only kinda works?

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    08-26-2011 02:35 PM
  13. dlaxtn2's Avatar
    I have had simular problems with chargers my stock charger died as soon as i started flashing roms and the data cable wouldn't pickup for debugging I find generic blackberry style chargers work even better than the original one.
    10-09-2011 02:51 PM
  14. Mooncatt's Avatar
    I am lucky if I get a month out of a cable before it goes bad. I drive for a living, so the phone spends pretty much all of its time in a holster plugged in with the cable hanging straight down. I don't put any abnormal stresses on it, but they always seem break the connection right behind the plug, and you can make the connection break/re-connect by wiggling the wire right behind the hard jacket where the wires meet the plug. Someone I talked to said those connections are just very weak to begin with, which I now believe after trying a number of different brands of cables. Including one from the Sprint store and another from a Verizon store.

    I'm pretty sure it's not the port on the phone because replacing the cable with a new one will work flawlessly. What happens is it will get slow to charge and even loose power while being plugged in and registering the charger. Then it will start loosing the connection all together when moved around.

    So are there any heavy duty cables for charging to stand up to what I would have considered typical use? I would prefer one for fast charging and data on my computer, but the main thing would be for charging in a car. Even those with a micro USB plug on one end that's hard wired to the 12V transformer plug would be ok at this point.

    @dlaxtn2: I used 2 Blackberry cables too. One worked great until it fell to the curse of loose connections. The other right out of the box would not register on my car charger that all the other cables worked on. On the factory wall charger, it seems to work fine. On my computer, it registers being plugged in and charging but by morning it has less charge than when I went to bed with the screen, bluetooth, and GPS turned off. I'm starting to wonder if there's no quality control on the cable manufacturers.
    11-13-2011 12:18 AM
  15. bornagainpenguin's Avatar
    Going to have to echo the need to eventually replace the USB cord here, as I have just done after encountering the issue of the battery not recharging despite the phone saying that it is in fact recharging while the percentages continue to get lower and lower and lower...

    Of course I probably overpaid at Radioshack for the cord I'm using now, but I hardly care after seeing the phone charging UP again instead of down...

    12-13-2011 08:08 PM
  16. Mobile Virgin Optimist V's Avatar
    Does anyone know if having spare/not LG brand batteries has anything to do with this? If i'd known what a pain in the *...um... batteries?* this thing is I might have left it on the shelf. I was thinking about getting the 3000 mah big battery but might forget it.
    No I love it, but I'm glad I paid $20 extra for Beast Buy's plan: if it stops charging I get a new one. Maybe after 3 or 4 replacements they'll upgrade me. For once I bought the insurance, thinking of that big fragile screen, and I'll make good use of it. I'm sad the ports are so fragile, because I'm addicted to TuneIn Radio App.
    12-22-2011 06:23 PM
  17. Dinoelaine's Avatar
    01-29-2012 02:26 AM
  18. crickie's Avatar
    I've been using a cable from a Palm and my stock LG outlet adapter with the usb plugin for about a year now with no problems. The original cable got chewed by my beloved dog. I have a short cable I use with a Belkin car/usb adapter for trips. I run Backside IHO and haven't had any problems with charging except it gets warm when plugged into my truck.( it's a 2006 F-650 ) I do turn my phone off at night, and maybe that makes a difference in how long my chargers have lasted. I also NEVER plug my phone into my PC unless syncing. I keep it short & sweet. The two devices have different voltage requirements and my hopped up PC cost me alot of money if a short took it out of the game. I would rather loose my phone!
    04-08-2012 09:46 PM
  19. curtis1973's Avatar
    the damaged cable/micro port pn phone is a two headed snake that feeds on itself when it comes to microusb ports,especially these on vm phones. the ports break easy because the phones are cheaply made and flimsy,either due to the cables repeated use which ends up ruining the cable,which destroys any replacements port or the bad port destroys any new cable you buy as a replacement. it goes back to the devices flimsy port. never have been a fan of micro usb ports on the device side..pure crap connection
    04-10-2012 09:46 PM