1. acastillo922's Avatar
    I'm always scouring for deals. Found a really good one here. Not sure how long it will last so get it while it's hot.
    01-26-2012 11:20 PM
  2. therealpk's Avatar
    Just searched Target.com and couldn't find it. Any chance you could post direct link? Bought it for $200 a week ago, but can still return to Verizon for another week if I can get it for this cheap.
    01-30-2012 03:23 AM
  3. acastillo922's Avatar
    Target Mobile | Cell Phones | Verizon Wireless T-Mobile Sprint AT&T

    I did not go directly to the spectrum page because it will ask for your zip code. But this will get you to target mobile and the spectrum is at the bottom of the page. You'll see special price.
    01-30-2012 05:34 PM
  4. therealpk's Avatar
    Bazinga. Thank you, my friend. I'll be dropping this $200 Spectrum back at Verizon and grabbing the $80 one this week. Much appreciated.
    01-30-2012 06:54 PM