1. FluffyDragon85's Avatar
    I have an LG Stylo 2, which I have had since August of 2016. The screen on my phone would do this a few times over the years, so this isn't a new issue I have been having with it.

    Sometimes the color on it would fade/wash out. Cold weather would usually make it like this, like if I have the phone in my coat pocket for a little while. What would make it go back to normal is taking the battery out, leaving it off for a few minutes, then turn it back on and it would be back to normal. Today though, had it on the charger for probably only an hour. Checked to see how much the percentage was and noticed the colors on the screen were faded/washed out. Wasn't outside, was inside, so the cold didn't affect it. Though, the heater in this hotel room seems to be giving off cold air so maybe thats why its doing this, but idk. (On a short vacation in New York city, thats why I'm at a hotel.)

    But yeah, this has never really been an issue for me since this doesn't happen often. I am wondering though what could be causing this and if theres anything I can do to fix it. The screen is back to normal btw. But I worry that if I put back on the charger it will do this again. :P And that it might not just be the cold air affecting it, but something to do with while its charging. Appreciate any help, thanks.
    11-23-2018 10:29 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The "L" in LCD stands for "liquid". If it's cold enough (it's currently 42° in NYC, so that should be no problem) the liquid can start to freeze and that will cause fading. (If the ice crystals cause tiny pinholes in the tubes the liquid is in, some of it can eventually leak out, causing permanent fading.)

    There are only 2 things you can do. One is to replace the screen. The other is to never let the screen get warmer or colder than you'd be comfortable with. So if you're in a below-freezing environment, keep the phone in an inside pocket. You wouldn't be comfortable in a 20° street without clothes - neither would the phone.
    11-24-2018 12:25 PM

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