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    Hello Peoples,

    I've been a Samsung girl for years (currently the Note 3) but the more I read about the V10 the more I think about making it my next phone. I'm also considering the G4 but it's kind of scary to see so many of them for sale over on Swappa. I don't think I've ever seen so many of one phone for sale at one time & makes me wonder why/what's wrong?

    There are a few things I'd like to know:

    1. I use S Notes a lot and don't want to lose this ability. Does it have an app similar to S Notes with stylus/pen capability?

    2. Since the V10 (from what I can tell) does not store a stylus/pen does anyone know if there are cases available that will? I've very spoiled by the Note's pen storage and wish at least the higher end phones with pen functionality would follow Samsung on this one. Stashing in your purse or pocket seems very inconvenient and easy to lose your pen.

    3. For those who've used both the G4 and the V10 any glaring user differences between the two, good or bad?

    4. Anyone who's gone from a Sammy Note to the V10 or G4 are you happy you did or do you want to or have you gone back?

    5. Anyone that can give a user opinion between the 2nd screen & the multi-window features (I forgot what LG's version is called) on the V10 to Samsung's multi-window & the Note Edge side screen? I thought I'd love the Edge side panel but went back to the Note 3, didn't much care for it.T

    01-24-2016 04:28 AM
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    The G4 have a motherboard defect... That's why you see so much for sale. In the other hand the V10 will be the best option for you. Unless you want to wait for the G5 that will be out in a few months.
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    01-24-2016 04:43 AM
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    I was a Sammy gal too I think we were both active in the Samsung Gear S forums here.

    1. Quick memo+ comes on the phone I wasn't a big S Pen user I had the note Edge. One of my friends was but he loves his V10 so far and says he barely misses his. So they have a memo app u can use ur finger I guess if u buy a stylus u could use it.

    2. Again this wasn't something I needed my friend being a huge S pen person has not missed it but I'm sure u can get one of those cases that closes like a wallet and stick a stylus in it if u really need it.

    3. Never used a G4

    4. Multitasking is about the same on LG as Sammy I would say get on YouTube and watch all the reviews u can handle. That's what I did before I made my choice which I'm glad I did change my last 3 phones were Samsung so it was time for a change. Second screen is useful for me because I loved the edge on my note edge. If u don't care for the second screen u can turn it off. I leave it on all the time it's useful for alerts and it isn't a battery drain.

    I will say I had to deprogram myself from Samsung ways when I got this phone... Selecting multiple items for a function is done in reverse u pick what u want to do then select multiple items. Home button being on the back took a day or two to get use to but I love knock on if my phone is laying on its back. I also love all the customization LG allows I have 5 buttons at the bottom of my phone verses the 2 Samsung gives u.

    Hope this helps!
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    01-24-2016 07:16 AM

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