1. Jax112's Avatar
    For some reason my V10 gets very warm when I am listening to my podcasts. No screen on or nothing else on. This is the only time it gets warm. Ant ideas, also it seems to drain the battery.

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    03-20-2016 06:04 PM
  2. muse480's Avatar
    I switched to BeyondPod years ago and never looked back... you may want to consider the same.
    03-21-2016 12:20 AM
  3. ljohnson72's Avatar
    Pocketcast is great also. Give them both a try.
    03-21-2016 10:42 AM
  4. kramer5150's Avatar
    My V10 remains very cool streaming internet radio (which would be the closest thing I have to a podcast)... Room temperature with the screen off. Only slightly warmer with the screen on and the auto-dim function. Have you checked the battery usage monitor to see what is consuming the most power?

    What permissions are you allowing doggcatcher? Might want to try turning off the permissions it doesn't need.
    03-21-2016 11:55 AM
  5. Jax112's Avatar
    Thanks for the input

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    03-21-2016 04:10 PM
  6. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Thanks for the input

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    Try uninstalling then reinstall the app and see if that helps. If it doesn't, and the hot temps worry you, consider an alternative. I'm using BeyondPod and have no problems with it. A good alternative to consider if you are looking.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    03-22-2016 10:41 AM

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