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    I have a V10 H960 which is a European version. I got it from B&H and it is boot looped after 8 months of use. Then I got a H900 Unlocked as a temporary phone. After 1 week of use, I found that ATT has disable a lot of function on it. I paid a couple hundreds to get a phone and found out it is a stripped down version. I will compare them one by one.

    1. The FM chip is disabled in H900. While I can listen to air radio in H960. There is no way to activate the FM chip in H900, as it is locked down by ATT in software way. Air radio might not be necessary these day. But it is useful in emergency. I am in California, which has earthquake and fire. If something really bad happens, the only way to get the latest information would be the air radio. V10 comes with this function, but ATT has disabled it.

    2. My H960 can pair with PS4 controller with bluetooth, right out from the box. But I cannot pair the controller with H900. The phone just showed up a message that it cannot pair with this device.

    3. The H900 comes with marshmallow pre-installed. But I cannot set poweramp as default player and I cannot set Lightroom as default camera. There is just no option to pick on the list when I click the mp3 file or click the camera in the other app. In H960, which is also in Marshmallow, I can set poweramp and lightroom as default app.

    4. There is multi user login in H960, which is useful when you have kid and let them touch your phone. But ATT has disable it in their version of Marshmallow.

    5. There is no LG world in H900. LG world give you a lot of games, app, wallpaper, and theme for free. I can install the app myself but there is no theme setting. I have to set up a shortcut for it. Why do ATT remove those LG benefit when we are using a LG phone? I pay for it and ATT block it. I have all those LG world, theme setting in H960. And I can download any free games, apps wallpaper provided by LG.

    6. The voice recorder app is hidden by ATT in H900. This app is still in the phone and cannot be removed or disabled. The only way to access it is through the quickmemo app. I have tried to create a shortcut for the voice recorder but it won't let me to save the recording in a new file. The app just crashed itself. It does not happen in H960. The app is not hidden and does not have bug like that. I can use it as a stand alone app in H960.

    7. The H960 comes with a earbud which is tuned by AKG. The sound quality is okay, not as good as any earbud over $60. But there is no earbud come with H900. I know most of the phone sold in US does not come with earbud, while almost all phone sold in Asia and Europe comes with a earbud. V20 in Asia comes with a B&O H3 earbud which cost $150, while the V20 in US comes with B&O for a limited time only.

    The ATT has disabled, blocked, frozen a lot of functions in their H900. What I hate is I pay the money to get a phone which is a stripped down version. If I never have a ln imported version, I might never know ATT has stripped down a phone like this.
    01-31-2017 05:57 AM
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    How many times will you post this?

    Your forum handle is appropriate.
    01-31-2017 04:13 PM
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    There is some new information if you look at it. If you cannot tell, probably you have not read it carefully.

    I want to share those information that is why I make a post

    Also, the longer I use the phone, the more problem I will find out.

    And I hope someone will post a solution something that the FM radio can be enabled.
    01-31-2017 07:54 PM
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    LG does not sell one single model that is the V10. They don't sell an unlocked version in the US, period. You bought a non-US model, found out you couldn't get it repaired by the US division of LG, threw a tantrum because the world wasn't catering to your wants, and now you're on the warpath to tell everyone what everyone already knows. The US carrier-locked models vary from carrier to carrier, in both frequencies supported as well as features that the carriers have chosen to implement or not.
    01-31-2017 08:02 PM
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    Please google before posting message Adam. ATT sell unlocked version. V10 is their phone name. We pay the money, more or less the same, but you dont know the same model of phone from different carrier has different features? Do you know T mobile phone has FM radio? If I dont have 2 V10 from different region, do you know your V10 has a lot of differences? Adam, you dont care about it does not mean everyone also dont care about it. You should google about the FM radio in Phone in US. See how many thread and post talking about it?

    Adam, You also never read the text carefully. You think you have your phone repair for free without warranty. But when you set up repair on LG website, it state clearly that it cover 15 months from manufacture date. And you never read the text and make a post to think that LG feel sorry for you, and repair for you for free. This information can also be obtained from google. You can look at G4 forum, they all are talking about 15 months warranty 6 months before your post.

    I make a post here is to get some smart people to overcome the issue. I already found out how to connect PS4 controller with h900 through bluetooth. Even it is a stripped down, there might be some way to work around it. I want those idea and not you Adam telling me you should stay with what you get.
    02-01-2017 12:07 AM
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    Again, everyone knows that when you buy a phone from a carrier, it is tuned for that carrier's requirements for both technical needs and customer experience.

    Perhaps the AT&T model isn't SIM-locked to AT&T; however, nobody is under the impression that the AT&T model is suitable for anything but the experience AT&T wants to give you from a UI standpoint, and the technical experience AT&T is able to give you with their network.

    The carrier-sold phones meet the requirements of the individual carriers selling them, period. If you want a phone that's unlocked and not beholden to how a carrier thinks the phone should work, don't get a carrier phone. Get a phone that is sold by the factory independent of the carriers.

    But LG doesn't sell such a phone in the US that specifically meets US requirements. They sell one in Europe that way. Europe does things differently than the US. That's LG's prerogative.

    And it's your prerogative to buy a non-US phone, but please don't cry to the world because LG US won't fix it. You allegedly knew what you were doing; that's called rolling the dice. You rolled, and you lost. Your phone broke and you are stuck with non-factory support, which as you can see is sub-par. No one else is surprised by any of this.
    02-01-2017 12:45 PM
  7. cuckooc's Avatar
    Adam. I state clearly my topic in the title. You obviously has some reading problem. This post is to discuss the difference between the version. I also have the freedom to discuss it ,right? Please read all of my post before you response it. You obviouly skip reading it and yell and cry on my post. If you are not discussing about my topic, just dont reply it. Why do you still need to tell a repair story in a new post which title is to discuss the stripped down version of phone?

    Adam, do you have H900? Do you ever have a phone from different carrier? You are welcome to post the difference between your v10 from different carrier.
    I also bought a unlocked xz from bestbuy and I found they take out the fingerprint scanner and fm radio.

    Adam, Are you high or something? You said V10 is not a model name? Everyone calls it a v10. This forum is V10. So what is the model name of this phone? So according to your logic, IPhone 6 and Note 7 is not a model name? Only model number is their model name? Please dont post something when you are drunk, Adam. You said V10 has no unlocked version in US. Obviously you are uninformed, never google and never read my post. I state clearly that my phone is a ATT unlocked version in your thread. I get it from Best buy local store. Please read and then reply.

    I know carrier can tune their phone, they can put bloatware in it. But it does not mean they provide a strippes down version phone to us. When you buy a car from different dealer, you can have different UPGRADE version, but never a stripped down version. Do you get a brand new BMW which has no FM radio and some of the BMW basic features are blocked?

    Do you know FCC advise carrier to enable the FM chip for emergency and safety in 2013? Att and tmobile has an announcement that they will follow it in 2015. This phone is out on the market in 2016. But att still locks it. Tmobile already unlock it through software update.

    Also, my founding shows the att tuned android is incompatible to a lot of apps. Why do att need to block poweramp and lightroom? Why stock android has no problem of it? It is more like Att programmer does it without intention. It is more like a bug and they dont know they have blocked the use of it. Do poweramp and photoshop need to pay att to unblock it? I might be wrong though. I already paid full amount of money to get poweramp and it is the phone that block some feature of it. And Adam you think it is okay.

    This is a LG phone. And ATT block the use of LG world. Then ATT release an update to unblock it 3 months after release. You have to download the app yourself. Why do they block it in the first place? H901 tmobile version has no problem of it. My guess is the incompetence of ATT programer and they block it without knowing about it. Again, I might be wrong though. Adam do you get your BMW and BMW features are blocked? And you think it make sense?

    The LG phone with a voice recorder, it is just a basic function in every phone. Why ATT needs to block the access to it? If they block it, why dont they provide a att version voice recorder?

    Adam, again. You think it is okay. It is your opinion. You are welcome to post any post while stay on the topic.
    02-01-2017 05:40 PM
  8. Adam Frix's Avatar
    I have no reading problem.

    You are upset. You stated as much in your previous posts, which you repeated here.

    You are upset because you didn't do your homework.

    Everyone knows how the world works. Really. No one is surprised that the V10 model XYZ made for Europe is different than the V10 model ABC made for AT&T here in the US, which is also different from the V10 model DEF made for T-Mobile here in the US. This is not news to anyone, except you, apparently.

    Your outrage at LG daring to use the name V10 on multiple models with different detailed specifications is noted.
    02-01-2017 06:42 PM
  9. cuckooc's Avatar
    Adam, you really have reading problem. LG state clearly they provide 15 months warranty on their website when you setup repair, and you think you discovered a new world when your phone is repair for free and make a post here. You have a habbit to skip reading fine print and not to read carefully.

    Again, you are high. V10 is V10. Att take out a lot of basic function and you try to defend them it is not v10. You skip all my question why att v10 do not let me to use poweramp and lightroom. Why do you defend them? Att makes an announcement to follow fcc avdice and wny dont they activate fm cip in v10? I am not allowed to talk about it here?

    It is okay if they use a different name and price differently if they take out some phone function. Or they tell us in advance some function is disabled. Do you understand, Adam? Why you buy BMW without BMW features? It is okay to have ATT bloatware but not taking out some LG features. This is LG phone. Adam, you dont seem quite understand. ATT and tmobile can have different setting on their phone with the same model, but they should have the same basic function. Voice recorder is basic function. LG feature is basic function on LG phone. Are you telling me you get a BMW without BMW feature like headlight turn to your turning direction? It is okay to disable it? I understand h900, h901,h960 are different, but not the basic function are different. Do you get it, Adam? What is the purpose to block lg feature on lg phone?

    How can I do my homework to know ATT not allow me to use poweramp? Tell me, Adam. Dont skip this question if you have no reading problem.

    What is your purpose to post in my thread? I am not allowed to discuss and talk about the difference between difference version? Are you trying to stop me comparing two different version of phone? I think I am talking to a 12 years old kid here. I already tell you are welcome to stay on topic. You cant read at all.

    What is your V10 model number, Adam? You are welcome to tell me what difference you have found out here. Use your common sense and dont just dislike my thread and object everything here.

    Tell me, Adam. If it is not me open this thread, would you come in and post? If so, you are taking this thread personally. I think I am allowed to post the differences of phone here and this is my purpose of the thread. I have new founding everyday and so I would like to update it in my thread. What is your purpose? Want me to stop talking?

    If anyone try to google difference between different version of V10, they can look into my thread. And I list the difference in point form and so they can read it clearly. This is my purpose of thread and I will update it and post the workaround if I found out the solution. I hope some other people can provide the solution here. Again, what is your purpose here, Adam? I think all of your post can be deleted.
    02-01-2017 07:32 PM
  10. cuckooc's Avatar
    I found a workaround to use PS4 controller on H900, H900 is just missing the driver. Once I install it, it can connect to PS4 controller via bluetooth.
    02-01-2017 08:09 PM
  11. sydneycooper1979's Avatar
    Mod Note: please keep the thread civil and on topic. No need to call each other out in posts. Thank you.
    Almeuit and kixfan like this.
    02-02-2017 12:03 PM
  12. Almeuit's Avatar
    Mod Note: please keep the thread civil and on topic. No need to call each other out in posts. Thank you.
    This -- No need to be rude just to debate. If you don't agree you're welcome to comment but don't do so in a belittling / rude tone or to simply de-rail the topic. Everyone is allowed to discuss their love/hate/frustrations within the forum. Being civil shouldn't be hard to do as we have many good debates/discussions without going down that road .
    kixfan likes this.
    02-02-2017 12:33 PM
  13. cuckooc's Avatar
    Okay. I want to update my new founding.

    V10 is missing the PS4 controller driver and the driver is packaged in remote play. Once you install it, the PS4 controller works perfectly. The only difference of this driver is the controller light is in white instead of blue.

    H900 do not allow me to set poweramp as mp3 file default player, this can be resolved by downloading an app poweramp as default player. There is no way to set it on 2nd screen no matter what region or what version of V10 is.

    LG stock voice recorder has a special feature which cannot be found on other voice recorder, that is to save the file on sd card. But this can be resolved by using Sony voice recorder app. This app can also let you save file on SD card.

    Evernote is part of smart bulletin in H960, but not in H900. If you install Evernote in H900 the app will automatically go to smart bulletin. This is quite useful in my opinion.
    02-02-2017 05:25 PM
  14. cuckooc's Avatar
    The LG stock file manager in H960 can connect to cloud, including google drive, one drive and drop box. The connection to cloud was made available after the update in April if I am correct.

    But the stock LG file manager in H900 cannot connect to cloud, it is either ATT block it deliberately or ATT never update LG apps that come with the phone.

    I found a 3rd party file manager by Asus which is quite good and is free. It allows me to connect to all the cloud I have mentioned. But the only drawback is the startup takes too long. It is about 8 seconds compared to 1 second of stock file manager.
    02-02-2017 05:59 PM
  15. cuckooc's Avatar
    I have another new founding. There is one thing that has been annoying me, which is att message backup and sync.

    This one shows up once in a while when I try to check my sms. I am not using att network and I dont have att account setting. Methods show up in google does not help. I haven't found a way to stop it showing as it does not show up in App list setting so I cannot disable it. I tried ADB debugging with debloater and still cannot disable it. It just does not show up on the list and I dont know the apk of it.

    Today, I click into the memory and found att message backup and sync and I can finally disable it here.
    02-09-2017 09:06 PM

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