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    Hi, all,

    I have an LG V10, latest updates, on T-Mobile. I have a Macbook Pro with LG Bridge for Mac. Having issues and also have questions on backup and restore, appreciate the help!

    I've researched this and cannot find answers to the following:

    1) Connected via USB, LG Bridge recognizes phone but every request to back things up results in "Your phone cannot back up - Reconnect your phone and try again". Reconnecting does nothing. Plenty of drive space.

    2) If LG Bridge is made to work, does it also back up folders and screen layouts? I have a home screen with a few apps, and then a second screen with about 15 folders with my apps organized. Would love to back all of this up so that restore is a one-step process. Can I, either with LGB or something else?

    Many thanks!!
    07-21-2017 01:54 PM

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