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    Please remember, this is my opinion only. I realize that no one person has the same views as everyone else. Back in December of 2015,I couldn't wait to get my hands on the LG V10. I Was a samsung lover until they took away sd card support. Anyway, after 5 months with the V10, I had to give it up. The first dissapointment was the screen which was immediately noticeable. Colors were good, but washed out. It by no means compared to the samsung super amoled screen. No comparison. 2nd was battery life. Just wasnt there. I know the battery was replaceable, but by the time the free one came, I had already sold the phone. 3rd,size. Theres just no way to put it othet than the V10 was a tank. Big, bulky, HEAVY. Then theres the rear buttons. I just couldn't get used to them. Every time I wanted to change the volume, I had to turn the phone around and look for the damn buttons to get it right. One thing I might mention. Im a professional musician. Why do I bring this to your attention? Because LG made such a big deal about the improved audio quality on this phone, but I, nor friends, could distinguish any difference. And we used quite a few top headphone from Bose etc. But the proof of this article is in the sales. For the V10, they were just ok. In reality, very dissapointing. This carried over to the failure of the LG G5. On the positive side, the V10 was a solid phone. You might be asking yourself what I bought to replace the V10. Well, I got a 128gb galaxy S6 edge. I was immediately thrilled. Perfect for the hands, plenty of storage, but the battery, oh well. It was only a replacement till the S7 edge came out. I purchased immediately upon release. NOW THIS IS A PHONE. too bad LG doesn't have a phone more user friendly. Buy the way, the S7 edge is the first smartphone I've ever owned, that I know will get me through the entire day without issues. I've never gone below 32% at bedtime and im a moderate to heavy user. If LG could design a phone like this, I'd give it a shot. Please remember, im not saying that LG doesn't make a great phone, they do. I just dont think they're as user friendly as they should be.

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    08-11-2016 07:59 AM
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    The V10 could be looked at as a test device. Kind of like how the Note was.
    08-11-2016 09:23 AM
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    I agree with you on the battery life of the V10, it was really bad. I always had to keep a 2nd battery charged to make it through a full day and if I forgot to charge it the night before I was screwed. The S7 Edge gets me through a full day no problem and like you, I usually have about 20-30% left by the end of the day.

    Personally though, I really like the size of the V10. It was a tank and I liked it. I also prefer the buttons on the back and the sides clean. Whenever I'm holding a phone in the landscape position to watch a video or play a game I'm always accidentally pressing either the volume button or the power button. I never had that issue with the V10 or the G4. Also I thought the screen on the V10 was great! Sure its not as vibrant with over-saturated colors like the AMOLED displays on the Samsung phones but I felt like it had more accurate color reproduction and it worked fine for me when using it outdoors.
    08-11-2016 11:27 AM
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    Isn't this special...

    I'm on my 2nd V10 and for good reason.

    I was po'd with my first one and still am on my second, but my anger is not on the phone but AT&T and LG.

    I was convinced to get the s7edge when returning my first V10 and didn't really research the difference between the US version and the EU version and I wished I had before getting it.

    The difference between them meant that I got a much inferior phone than all of the reviews that were out.

    Battery life was a little bit longer than my V10 before it had to become a wall hugger and the audio was about as bad as I have ever heard, likening it to 2 tin cans and a string quality..

    I was also graced by it's curved edge and not being able to get a quality tempered glass screen protector that didn't distort the screen...

    Sure I didn't give it time or replace the device, I didn't want to go through all of the headaches and hassle.

    Now I will fully agree with you on the ease of dealing with Samsung over LG.. But that is about all.

    The V10 is a audiophiles phone and in every instance sound better with good headphones than the s7edge.. And that's with either version sold, now you can add a external dac to both and have something special, but phone for phone for audio the V10 is the better of them.

    Is it possible we both had defective phones (your V10 and my s7edge) absolutely, but, going by what's all over the Web.. Probably not..

    Will this change yours or my mind.. I rather doubt it but as long as we both are happy with what we got is all that matters...

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    08-11-2016 11:32 AM
  5. markyboy81's Avatar
    I'm very tempted by the s7 edge or even the note7 but there several things that I would miss from the v10.
    1. Buttons on the rear - I love the fact that the front and sides have no buttons and it was pretty easy to get used to coming from mostly samsung phones.
    2. On screen home button/back button and the fact it's customisable and you can assign buttons to other functions, such as screen capture, multi tasking etc.
    3. Audio quality over bluetooth - to be fair this is probably fixed with the s7, but most samsungs I've used have suffered stuttering. This is a known issue.
    4. Grippy back cover. I hate using a case and with the v10 I don't have to worry about scratches.
    5. Knock on. What a great feature, particularly the ability to put the phone into standby by tapping twice on the notification bar.
    6. Second screen. I know that the s7 has an always on display but I still think second screen is better implemented and more useful.

    The v10 is far from perfect, battery life is awful (although it charges quickly) and I love the premium feel of the s7, but at the moment I don't feel too tempted to move away.
    08-11-2016 02:49 PM
  6. ajb1965's Avatar
    Battery life was the deciding factor for me. I didn't like that I had to have the spare with me at all times. If I forgot it I was hosed. Hope the 20 is better

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    08-12-2016 01:04 PM
  7. kramer5150's Avatar
    FWIW... I have had the exact opposite experience with my V10.
    >I have no problems with my screen visibility. While its not as bright as a Samsung, still its OK by me.

    >I have no problems getting solid battery life. Daily usage is 45~60 minutes of driving GPS on my commute. ~15-20 text messages, 90 minutes of voice calling and occasional pictures. I have no problems completing my work day with ~35-40% left. Heavy usage on weekends, vacations and boy scout outings would be driving GPS, 4K video recording with some playback too, pictures, Some youtube and music listening. In that scenario I do need to swap the battery by late afternoon. But in fairness, I would burn through ANY battery with that kind of usage. I would much rather replace the battery than re-charge with a battery bank + USB cable in my pocket. I carry two extra V10 batteries in my wallet in a zip-lock snack bag and I don't even know they are there.

    >I like the V10 volume rocker location, but I think I can get used to either way.

    >The audio quality is measurably better with the V10, than Samsung. Whether or not its perceivable depends on the individual. I find it a VERY GOOD sounding circuit with high impedance headphones and as an AUX source for my amps... and that IMHO where it really shines. Low impedance loads the differences are less dramatic.

    >Sales numbers are not an indication of performance, they are an indictor of popularity and thats it. Just because something isn't popular, does not necessarily mean it doesn't perform. Conversely just because something is popular, does not necessarily mean it performs.

    Is LG going the wrong way?... No I do not think so. Given my personal preferences they are the ONLY ones going about it the right way.
    08-12-2016 01:32 PM
  8. FutureMech's Avatar
    I hated G4 due to battery being poor and performance was pure bad in demanding 3D games, and it had locked bootloader that took 4 months to unlock, root was hell.
    V10 in terms of phone is excellent but same weak spots as G4, s7e that i have now is light years ahead of it in terms of screen and battery life, camera is better as well though that depends on situation.
    As i have the Exynos version, the audio chip is wolfson customized DAC, which sounds excellent with poweramp, though V10 is better in that regard.

    V20 can be the real "Note" if they finally step up the game, improve battery, improve the software, NO GIMMICKY modulers, include everything in the phone, better camera would be a bonus as it good as it is, better screen and brightness as well as BETTER QC!!!

    I wanna go back to LG despite they having QC issues, i love samsung but i like to try new phones as well, i hope V20 will be awesome.
    08-25-2016 09:58 AM
  9. Johnston212's Avatar
    If Samsung releases a clean version without TouchWiz, I might consider it.

    Never had a battery problem and I approach phone screens differently. It's a phone, not a TV. If my pockets want a 4k screen, they can pay for it.

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    08-25-2016 11:04 AM

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