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    I am seriously considering getting the v20 but i have some questions. I'll start with most important one for me. I got the lg g4 last year and returned it. The reason was because of text to speech settings. Huh? I'm a blind person who uses talkback the screenreader on android. Stock android has 9 speeds for tts. The g4 only had 5 and the max one i could put it on was turtle slow. My question, on the v20 how are speech rate settings? My understanding is in stock 7.0 tts speech rate is a slider and not a combo box anymore? If on the v20 not a slider to set speech rate, what tts speech rates are there? Other questions, thought this phone was available in 3 colors titanium, silver and pink. Do pink and silver actually exist and is sprint selling them? How bad is the ammount of bloatware from sprint on the v20? Finally, are camera's really cracking? How has sprint been if you've tried to exchange the phone??
    10-30-2016 02:37 PM

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