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    I would like to introduce everyone to the themes i have made for the V20. I have two currently with plans to have more on the way. I do themes by request if there is enough interest. I personally like a more basic, stock look to things and my work reflects that.

    CBUCZ24 Themes for LG V20 and G5-n1jvvfj.png
    You can find the link here

    CBUCZ24 Themes for LG V20 and G5-myncqrt.png
    You find the link here

    For all questions and updated information, be sure to follow me on Google plus here
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    12-12-2016 09:49 AM
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    Teal Inversion is now live in the playstore
    CBUCZ24 Themes for LG V20 and G5-ndfxwox.png

    You can find it here
    12-12-2016 09:50 AM
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    12-12-2016 09:50 AM
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    reserved for moar themes
    12-12-2016 09:51 AM
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    New theme live
    12-14-2016 03:06 PM
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    Teal update is live. There was a bug in a few sub menus...
    12-21-2016 10:55 AM
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    What themes do you currently have planned? Currently wishing there was a light red theme available.
    12-21-2016 11:03 AM
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    I have a full set of inverted colors that I am making.

    purple, pink, red, blue, grayish blue, mixup of colors, and a sapphire blue.

    the next theme i plan on starting next is a gray version of teal.
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    12-21-2016 12:06 PM

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