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    Hello all -- I am new to AndroidCentral and the V20, but have been on CrackBerry and Windows Central for years. In my first few days with my V20 I have noticed that one of the top apps for battery use is "Smartshare.Cloud" ... I'm guessing this works somewhat in the background, since it only takes up 20-30MB of space on the phone and uses hardly any memory.

    Any idea why it might be using so much battery? I am guessing that it is related to having my Google Drive and One Drive accounts synced in the LG file manager and likewise in the LG music and LG gallery app. The cloud integration in the file manager is painfully slow, since it is obviously querying the server every time and not keeping anything locally, but it at actually works OK for music that is in the cloud.

    Any recommendations? Or probably just to ditch syncing cloud services with these LG apps? Appreciate any help!
    03-26-2017 03:19 PM

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