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    Saw them both. Notch is annoying indeed but at least it can be hidden. So both phones had a more narrow screen, the G7 much more narrow.. but overall the V40 is nearly the same height as the V20, just a tad bit more narrow so it's easier to use one hand.. honestly I'd rather have a wider screen...

    I actually liked the screen of the G7 much more... the mLCD+ technology really does show and it looks incredibly sharp.. makes the V20 LCD screen look ancient.. plus that ultra bright mode is super bright and looks good! I wish the screen was wider though, it's not big enough for me, though it is tall.

    The V40 AMOLED screen looked good but again, when compared next to an LCD screen, the whites just don't look white. The design looked nice but I'm not really fond of the black with blueish tint color.. either be black or be blue! I think LG should've released all the colors... It's awesome but might take time getting used to a 6.4 inch screen which is a huge jump from LG's 5.7' versus narrow and super tall 6.4'... still prefer the traditional full wide 5.7' screen size... Design wise, the V40 felt very similar to Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S9.. without that ugly curved screen but only has a 2.5d glass... they shrunk the side bezels down and it curves in nicely..

    Regarding camera, not liking the reduced POV view of the wide angle camera on either phones.. both the front and rear... The V20 still has an incredibly wide angle POV almost like a GoPro... Guess people complained about the fisheye effect so they just kept shrinking the POV which is disappointing. I REALLY enjoy the extreme wide angle front of the V20 still, even if it doesn't look that great. Considering the steep price, I'm not sure if I'm going to get it.. think I'm going to hang on to my V20 for now as I still really enjoy it. Maybe if there's more colors released, I might get the V40 but I don't want that blue/black color and rather get the matte glass screen versions. No doubt, I'd still pick the V40 over all other flagships.. those other flagships aren't that cheaper either

    Main reasons why I will keep my V20:

    • The wide angle POV of the front and back is STILL the widest of any phone.. almost like GoPro's wide angle.. that's very important to me and I use that feature a lot (especially taking candid photos of people, the wide angle helps me capture shots upclose without being too obvious)

    • I still like IPS LCD... whites look better and don't need to worry about screen burn in (screen retention is fine, not permanent)

    • The width of the V20 screen is wider than the V40 still and I actually like that.. I hate the narrow new screens! Yes, typing one handed is easier but I'd rather not sacrifice overall screen space for it...

    • No notch, no rounded corners.. I think LG did the best implementation of it and you can hide it but I still like the traditional boxy squared screen.. I mean your TV screen and monitor is boxy, why does your phone have so many unnecessary rounded corners? Ruined the view

    • The V20 is made of metal... More durable and will survive a drop... I mean drop that V40 by accident and you might shatter that back glass... Going to hurt my wallet.. think I'll take the V20's durable metal

    • Still serves my needs... Has all the basic essentials plus more: 3.5mm jack, Quad DAC, IR blaster, removable battery, 2nd screen display, fingerprint scanner.. battery standby is phenomenal and I'm okay with the battery life, especially with removable batteries. Just wish the camera focus speed indoors and lowlight was better

    • Money... $950 is getting pretty steep... Okay, I can do $800 but $950 I'm going to probably have buyers remorse.. gonna wait for price drop or new colors. Not that rich so it does matter, but out of all the flagships, no doubt, I'd still pick the V40 over all other phones anyday.. they aren't any cheaper either...

    Main reasons why I might get the V40 still:

    • Better camera experience: more cameras, better quality photos (camera tests show it's on par with Note 9 and Pixel 3 XL, at least IMO), better lowlight, AR animation stickers, GIF video maker, improved video recording features, still has the wide angle front and rear which is an absolute must for me (though disappointingly the POV is greatly reduced from the V20). The new DUAL PIXEL technology is why I want it.. improved low light and lightning fast focus speed just like Samsung's phones

    • Bigger screen (6.4' is huge! But the phone is still slim, light, and not too big in the hand).. going to be an awesome experience viewing on this phone.. notch can be hidden and the extra space can be useful by just leaving the time and icons

    • Nice design.. the V20 feels ancient in comparison and the V40 is very modern, sleek, and stealthy.. the side bezels are flawlessly curved in with the screen (just like the S8 and S9) without the actual screen being curved (glass screen protector friendly).. possibly the best looking flagship of all time.. just wished they released more colors than just 1

    • Support LG.. I really like what LG is doing with phones compared to other manufactures.. I'd rather help donate to LG by buying their phones.. we are seeing phones with no headphone jack, micro SD, or any innovation... I want to help the cause

    We'll see but might just hang on to the V20. Still deciding. The color is what's turning me off right now because I wanted the matte silver. If the matte silver was available, I would've gotten it.
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    10-16-2018 01:52 PM
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    Thx for the write-up... I'm also an lcd fan... And wider too... 2 hand is easier with a wider phone... It's already too big to try and do 1 hand... I loved the v20 build.... I would get another but the burn-in on the display happens too often...
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    10-16-2018 02:06 PM
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    Thx for the write-up... I'm also an lcd fan... And wider too... 2 hand is easier with a wider phone... It's already too big to try and do 1 hand... I loved the v20 build.... I would get another but the burn-in on the display happens too often...
    The G7 mLCD+ screen looked beautiful.. wish they put it on the V40 as well.. that ultra bright mode looks nice. I think LG fixed the screen retention issue on the LCD screens because I don't see anything on the display unit in the store. I guess AMOLED is fine, just paranoid about the screen burn in... Although some consider ugly, I really liked the V20 design the most.. it looks very simple and clean.. and the V20 is still one of the thinnest phone out there.
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    10-16-2018 02:11 PM
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    I love the shape and size of my v20. I have an S8+ so I know about the thinner design.

    Oreo has made a different experience for my V20 and it's like a new phone so I'm not in a hurry.

    That V40 looks very nice though. Who knows what my thoughts will be after a few price drops or Black Friday lol

    Thanks for the review
    10-16-2018 02:20 PM

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