1. aztec12's Avatar
    Besides the glass back, IR blaster and removable battery is the v30 an upgrade to the 20? Looking to get the v30 since it's price had come down a lot.
    01-08-2019 06:27 PM
  2. vasekvi's Avatar
    I'd say yes. I still have both phones. The camera is much better on the V30, and theres a lot less lag when switching between wide and regular cameras in UHD video. When you see the fish eye effect on the wide angle from the V20, you realize how much farther the V30 has come.

    The RAM (receiver as mic) feature is critical to me and my wife, as we like to go to many live concerts with loud music that leaves the V20 clipping and distorting even with manual gain and limits adjusted. The V30 records much better audio in loud environments.

    The removable battery, admittedly, is definitely missed, as well as the IR blaster. And that battery is the reason why I traded the G6 in for the V40 for my wife for Christmas, instead of the V20. Since I can always replace the battery easily, it makes a great spare backup phone.

    The screen is better on the V30, although I am having problems with it, but I have a second year promise on it that I don't have on the V20. End of this year my V30 gets traded in for the V50 and I'll still keep the V20. I let my 9 year old daughter play games on it.

    One thing I notice on the V30 is that double tapping the square to switch between last 2 apps works on the V30 but the V20 often lags and acts like I didn't touch the button. This shows how much more responsive the V30 is. I often miss my shot waiting for the V20 camera to launch.
    01-08-2019 06:40 PM
  3. Chromium 4's Avatar
    The IR blaster is one of my favorite features of the V20. Yesterday I was at a local hospital waiting for a friend to undergo day surgery. I was shown to a waiting room with a tv that was off and void of a remote. V20 to the rescue. It happened to be an LG TV so a few clicks to find the frequency and I'm entertained with basic cable while I pass the time. That's one of the few things my Note 9 can't do.
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    01-09-2019 02:20 AM

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