1. MTHall720's Avatar
    My phone I bought new (old stock) about a year ago. Now I am two major problems. One thing is that it has started giving me error messages saying that the charger that came with the phone is Not LG and says charging is not going right, that charger is not recognizable and that it is charging very slowly.
    The other thing is that sometimes it doesn't charge at all after a full night of charging. All the connections are tight and secure.

    Should I get a new battery or a new charger or both?

    Any thoughts on this are most appreciated.

    Thanks very much.
    03-08-2019 05:30 PM
  2. vasekvi's Avatar
    Get a standalone battery and charger. Also try different cables.

    03-08-2019 05:46 PM
  3. Mooncatt's Avatar
    I'd first try a different cable. They can break down internally due to flexing and are almost considered a consumable item with how fast some break. When that happens, you'll get slow and inconsistent charging like you're experiencing.

    That the phone is telling you to use an LG charger is more marketing than anything. Yes, you need to replace *something* (the phone only knows it isn't getting the full current, not the root cause of the problem), so of course manufacturers are going to suggest buying OEM replacements. Liability is another reason, but rarely becomes an issue. If a third party charger fries your phone, LG is under no obligation to claim it under warranty and the third party may fight you on it.
    03-08-2019 06:52 PM
  4. MTHall720's Avatar
    Thanks so much to all for the good ideas.
    03-09-2019 12:59 PM
  5. datum9's Avatar
    I would get a new battery for sure. Use an aftermarket battery. I like ZeroLemon but Mugen makes a good one.
    03-29-2019 09:22 AM
  6. Greedog's Avatar
    I have a 4100mah battery made by Perfine. It's actually way better than the original.
    09-17-2019 08:42 AM

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