1. Thomas Bjornsen's Avatar
    My wife's V20 took a dunking.
    We got it into rice fairly quickly.
    After several days living in the bag of rice, just about everything seems to be working as it should, except for the speaker and mic.
    It will make calls,
    It will connect to calls,
    It will receive calls,
    It will send and receive texts,
    It will connect to the internet,
    It will run the apps on it,
    It will do just about everything that I can test it to do without the speaker or mic working.
    As Far As I can Tell, that is all that is wrong with it.
    The obvious question is... Can that be fixed for a reasonable amount?
    Is that something that is simple to fix? We have a spare for her to use if it can be fixed.
    Or do I get online and start searching for a replacement?
    Thank You All in Advance for any help afforded!
    04-07-2019 02:36 PM

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