1. datum9's Avatar
    I dropped my S8+ on tile floor and smashed the screen pretty good. Sent it in for replacement. That was a perfect time to upgrade to the V20 I always wanted.

    The first thing I did was of course install a 10,000 mAh ZeroLemon battery, which feels just right yet still a lot more compact than the S8+ I had with the ZeroLemon battery-like power bank they sell.. slimmer, yet higher capacity.

    Thoughts: 16:9 is neat. I missed it. It fits in my pocket now a lot better than the long S8+.

    The power button is in exactly the right place. I like that a lot. What a neat feature. Just that is worth upgrading for.
    Oh and no stupid Bixby button. What was Samsung thinking?

    The image quality is OK but S8+ had a better, brighter, more vibrant image that just jumps at you. If you want the best picture quality, Samsung phones are it (I have no experience with last generation LG phones). Too bad Samsung had the annoying curved edge, 18.5:9 ratio I didn't care for and a 3500 mAh battery completely inadequate for the phone. Give me a 10K mAh battery and that's a nice start.

    I had some annoying screen burn-in on the V20, I don't think I ever got that with the V10 I had. Not a deal breaker.

    All in all I am happy. V20 is still a very competitive phone today and if you care about user-replaceable battery, it's the only game in town right now (aside from Note 4 which is not a bad choice either given the price to performance ratio, but it is dated. ).

    The ZeroLemon battery or another extended battery like Mugen is the whole point of V20, the stock battery is very poor. I think I got an old OEM one, even new it must have declined a bit in capacity, so your only game is new aftermarket ones.

    The ZeroLemon extended battery for V20 kind of acts like a screen protector in the sense it has raised edges, maybe a mil or 1.5 mil above the surface so if you drop the phone, apparently the glass won't get hit. The ZeroLemon package for the S8+ doesn't have raised edges so if you drop the phone, it lands directly on the glass and that's that.
    04-29-2019 09:30 AM
  2. cardboard60's Avatar
    Question is are you happy.
    04-29-2019 09:32 AM
  3. datum9's Avatar
    Happy is an understatement, I am delighted. I love this phone - V20.
    04-29-2019 09:39 AM
  4. datum9's Avatar
    I think I will get a spare extended battery so that when I run low, and away from recharging, I can just swap it in.
    Not sure if I should get another ZeroLemon 10,000 unit or another brand like Mugen or something. ZeroLemon is OK but it's not the only game in town.
    04-29-2019 09:40 AM

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