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    So as of now , Nov of 2019 there are some offers on EBay for around $100 bucks i can buy a New int the box V20! so im thinking , the processor is still loved as one of the best, the audio and video capabities are hard to match -so the question "should i buy one?" maybe some of you can help
    11-03-2019 03:44 PM
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    I moved this to the V20 forum for more specific traffic.
    11-03-2019 03:55 PM
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    It's still capable of holding its own. I'm starting to see some occasional performance loss, but I'm also a heavy user and isn't unexpected. The only issue you'll likely run into is battery life. It may be a "new" phone, but that battery is several years old and already degraded. There's a chance it could be toast right out of the box. Yes, you can replace it, but not all batteries are created equal and the aftermarket can be hit and miss.
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    11-03-2019 04:46 PM
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    Mine is still functional and reasonably fast. I would love to get "new" batteries but I know this is impossible. The 4 batteries that I use have been charged too many times and cannot last as long as last year. The pics I take from far away at a concert still suck and my 4G reception is not great at times but there are too many features that I like (screen width, removable battery, sound). I was thinking of buying a new one on Ebay just for the battery but I wonder how new it is. I will upgrade in 2020, I guess.
    11-06-2019 10:25 AM
  5. Greedog's Avatar
    I have two V20's. One is a spare.

    If you are looking for a good replacement battery I purchased two from Perfine for the V20. It is a higher capacity battery of 4100 mah instead of 3200. They actually work quite a bit better than the original. So... My phones are working and holding a charge better than when I bought them.

    I still have a great appreciation for the V20. Even though it's over three years old.

    Neither phone has ever been updated. The AT&T model VS910 has Android v7.0 on it. The second one I bought about eight months ago was actually manufactured in 2018 and came with Android v8.0. It's a Verizon VS995 V20.

    Still working great. They are so cheap now! Both are still in pristine condition.

    I would love to get something newer but... Why? It would be great to be able to get the newest version of Android but I can't justify the money.
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    01-17-2020 12:06 PM
  6. RTGent's Avatar
    I'm picking up a second one because I tend to be careless, and I value the DAC & audio jack, replaceable-battery, and cameras combination, which is highly rare or unique. If you value these features, I recommend this excellent device.
    01-28-2020 03:24 PM
  7. dwmitchell61's Avatar
    I just bought one of those, too! I got a new battery from Batteries+Bulbs store. I was hoping to get a Duracell battery. I will see if I can still land one of those.
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    03-07-2020 11:36 PM
  8. otaku2's Avatar
    I bought one a few months ago to use primarily as an audio player and secondarily as a backup phone.
    Works a lot better than I expected.
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    04-14-2020 09:00 PM
  9. recDNA's Avatar
    I still have my old V20 as a backup but have been unable to find a decent replacement battery for over a year. The batteries work but very low usage time... maybe 3 hours of use max on wifi.
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    07-31-2020 01:52 PM
  10. datum9's Avatar
    The best thing about V20 there is a flood of aftermarket batteries on the market. Just a flood. I like the extended capacity ones, tried the 6500 mAh ones but usually run the 10,000 mAh ZeroLemon or TQTHL.

    You get solid 24 hours of constant use.

    The OEM ones are just pure junk. If you don't want huge, there is a number of 5000+ and 6000+ mAh batteries that are just very slightly bigger than OEM but seem to run for twice as long.
    09-04-2020 07:31 AM

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