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    I have an LG V20, which I acquired new. It is not carrier tied and I am in New Zealand.

    For some contacts in my address book, when I go to reply to a text message from them, the app adds a ";" to the end of the number and asks me to check the number. If I then delete the number (including semicolon) and manually add the same contact it works fine.

    This has been going on for months, and I thought I would see if anyone has ever heard of this problem.

    I have purged the app and phone cache several times and made sure contacts have a preferred number assigned. It is always the same contacts but there is nothing about the numbers which stands out.

    02-14-2020 11:19 PM
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    My initial thoughts were that it is your keyboard, kind of. I use GBoard and with it if you hold certain characters you get alternate characters. So if I hold period too long I get (),.?:;" So I was thinking it might be the way you are holding the phone.

    I think we're going to need more information though.

    What app are you using?

    How are you adding the contact? Do you type the first few letters and then select it from a list, do you type the first few numbers and select it?

    The way you describe the issue, it doesn't sound like you are sending these messages from established threads of communication with these contacts. Does this happen if you reply to their message or open the message thread and send from within the thread?

    You also say that it is the same contacts that this happens to, and you cannot find anything outstanding about these contacts form other contacts are the numbers formatted the same? Here in the US our numbers traditionally format like this (212) 432-5601 but we can also format like this 212-423-6501 or 2125435602. Three different formats and our devices are supposed to recognize them all. I see in NZ your numbers are formatted like 09 700 1234, is there no punctuation or alternative groupings as in the US numbers?

    Is it always a semicolon?

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    02-18-2020 02:33 AM

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