12-26-2018 01:44 PM
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  1. Almeuit's Avatar
    Be sure to say any mods / icon packs you use... That way others can maybe get a similar setup .
    10-13-2017 09:46 AM
  2. VDub2174's Avatar
    I'm using Nova Launcher Prime with the standard Android icon pack.

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    10-13-2017 09:01 PM
  3. Marc Pike's Avatar
    10-16-2017 12:52 PM
  4. Marc Pike's Avatar
    10-16-2017 12:52 PM
  5. traviswhayne's Avatar
    Nova Launcher with Adaptive Icons, and Pixel 2 Live Wallpaper....Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-screenshot_2017-10-16-16-34-02.jpg
    10-16-2017 06:38 PM
  6. Dimas de Leon's Avatar
    I know, it's an OCD person's nightmare, but I like having everything I need on the home screen, minus some widgets.
    Attached Thumbnails Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-capture-_2017-10-18-22-04-51.jpg  
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    10-19-2017 12:08 AM
  7. Will In SF's Avatar
    Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-screenshot_2017-10-19-22-36-29.jpg

    Love this phone! Using Nova Prime with adaptive icons.
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    10-20-2017 12:42 AM
  8. Steve Tyburski1's Avatar
    Nova prime ...golden icon pack.
    Attached Thumbnails Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-screenshot_2017-10-21-21-47-44-1-.jpg  
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    10-21-2017 09:18 PM
  9. sheba510's Avatar
    Nova Launcher with Frozy icons.
    Attached Thumbnails Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-6004.jpg  
    10-22-2017 02:33 AM
  10. fpena911's Avatar
    I'm a Windows Phone refugee so I went with the Microsoft Launcher. I tried Square 10 and liked it but it just didn't look right on this larger screen. I've only had this phone for a few days so still trying to get a feel for it but I like the ever-changing background image and the organization of the icons so far.

    Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-screenshot_2017-10-21-11-12-42.jpg
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    10-22-2017 04:04 PM
  11. mrtapout1's Avatar
    Nova prime. Removed status bar and nav keys. Friends thought I had iPhone x. I use double tap gesture for recent apps and nav keys pop up when I open an app. With the date, time, and battery widget I really don't miss the status bar
    10-24-2017 11:54 AM
  12. moliva1568's Avatar
    Nova Launcher with Flix icon pack. Still using stock wallpaper for now unfortunately.
    Attached Thumbnails Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-screenshot_2017-10-25-03-29-03.jpg  
    10-25-2017 02:30 AM
  13. LZSchneider's Avatar
    I usually use the atock launcher when it comes to Android devices. I feel as though LG's UI has finally grown an aesthetic identity that's both homogenous and pleasing to look at it.

    Plus I like the floating second screen. The background is a Pixel 2 lice wallpaper and as you can see I like a clean homescreen with my most used apps front and center. I will admit that I do wish I could use S8 icons with the LG launcher though.
    Attached Thumbnails Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-screenshot_2017-10-26-23-17-53.jpg  
    10-26-2017 11:23 PM
  14. wdblevin's Avatar
    Nova, my own pix, and the stuff I use all the time... OK Google voice activated... One screen & one screen only.

    Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-noname.jpg
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    10-27-2017 08:35 PM
  15. md308's Avatar
    Nova, of course.

    Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-capture-_2017-10-28-23-30-42.jpg
    10-28-2017 10:35 PM
  16. bembol's Avatar
    Picked her up today.

    The clock is from Umbra icon pack and Weather Live widget.
    10-28-2017 11:42 PM
  17. qmann05's Avatar
    Nova launcher
    Revolution icons
    Attached Thumbnails Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-screenshot_2017-11-03-16-40-53.jpg  
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    11-03-2017 05:00 PM
  18. Diehlirious's Avatar
    Nova & my pic

    Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-screenshot_2017-11-04-13-30-19.png

    Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-screenshot_2017-11-04-13-30-11.png
    11-04-2017 12:37 PM
  19. mark233's Avatar
    Nova with Alos icons.

    Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-screenshot_2017-11-05-09-10-17.jpg
    11-05-2017 10:00 AM
  20. ffejjj's Avatar
    One screen & one screen only.
    11-05-2017 10:15 AM
  21. ffejjj's Avatar
    Oh baby!
    Attached Thumbnails Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-311.jpg  
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    11-05-2017 04:36 PM
  22. cert15z's Avatar
    Nova Launcher. All gesture s from the home screen.
    Attached Thumbnails Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-3220.jpg  
    11-07-2017 07:22 AM
  23. LZSchneider's Avatar
    I've decided to mix it up some. I keep trying other launchers but in the end the LG widgets, icons, colors, and floating screen bring me back.
    Attached Thumbnails Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-screenshot_2017-11-07-11-21-04.jpg  
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    11-07-2017 11:23 AM
  24. Dimas de Leon's Avatar
    Attached Thumbnails Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-capture-_2017-11-09-14-46-45.jpg  
    11-09-2017 04:48 PM
  25. jlbattagli's Avatar
    Nova Prime
    Pixel Black theme
    The Grid icon pack

    Show off your V30 Homescreen(s)!-capture-_2017-11-05-22-17-08.jpg
    cmorty72#AC likes this.
    11-09-2017 11:55 PM
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