1. RaRa85's Avatar
    Hey guys and gals I may have found the perfect skin if you want to keep the original look of your color and gain a little extra grip. I'll have to do my research first. Anyone have any experience with this brand? https://phantomskinz.com/lg-v30/
    10-14-2017 02:11 AM
  2. LZSchneider's Avatar
    Im lookong to buy a clear skin just like that instwad of a case. Have you purchased the Phantom skins one yet?
    10-27-2017 12:26 AM
  3. csglinux's Avatar
    This is what I've got on my V30 :-) This is the only wrap I've found for the V30 that is precision cut in one piece. There are other companies selling wraps/skins for the V30, but these all come in multiple pieces, with separate little strips you have to stick on the edges (In my experience, those edges tend to get caught and lift up). The Phantomskinz back piece fits really well (very precise cut) and wraps all the way around the edges. The only piece on the side it doesn't cover is the part with the removable SIM card tray. I managed to install that back piece on my first attempt and it's awesome. You can't see that it's there and it adds zero bulk to the phone. It's still a bit slippery though - I've had other brands of wraps on other phones that had a bit more grip. It's still slightly tackier than the smooth glass of the phone though.

    Now, the front (screen-protector) piece is another story. I've long since given up looking for tempered glass screen protectors that work with these curved-edge screens. I've never yet seen a good quality tempered glass protector that can cover the whole screen. The Phantomskinz screen protector actually works ok and has a texture not too dissimilar to that of the original screen, but it took me FOUR attempts to install the screen protector properly. I went through all the usual installation in a steamy bathroom, cleaned/sprayed hands, etc., but three times I ended up with little specs under the protector that were either (most probably) dust or a tiny spec where there was no adhesive on the film. I had to trash those films. On the fourth attempt it was perfect, and you can't even see a screen protector is there - not even close-up.

    So the installation takes a bit of work, but it's worth it, IMHO. It's a great product and pretty much your only choice for a single-piece back-and-sides wrap for the V30.
    03-27-2018 12:57 PM

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