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    Anyone else having this issue? Never once had this issue pre-friggin-Oreo, but now I'll find times where I go to attach a file to an email and the file manager shows No Files in EVERY directory. Even if I go directly into the file manager it doesn't show anything there. This is the *internal* memory so it's not an SD card issue. I have to reboot then all the files show again until this occurs again at a later date.

    Additionally, I'm guessing there's no way to turn off the annoying "It's been 72 hours, you now must unlock your phone with your PIN rather than using a fingerprint" message that comes up? Pre-Oreo no problem.

    04-11-2018 05:28 PM
  2. Rev1010's Avatar

    OK, so the issue is resolved now. It was only affecting my Downloads folder apparently and the reason was because there somehow was two download folders. One with a capital D and the other lower case (so Downloads and downloads). I didn't create either of them so I don't know why there was two and they both opened up the same batch of files. I decided that must be causing something (which it shouldn't as Linux in general allows different folder names as it's case sensitive). I renamed the lower case downloads to downloads2 and suddenly my files were again visible. I then deleted the lower case folder and so far things are back to normal.

    04-16-2018 12:38 PM

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